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1. How to quote/escape identifiers such as column names with JDBC?

Different database servers use different ways to quote and escape identifiers. E.g. "foo bar" vs `foo bar` vs [foo bar], or "10""" vs "10\"", or identifiers such as FooBar or array need ...

2. SQL-editor, column name with "#"

3. column names

hi all, i got the answer before anybody could solve my problem. i am making only a single databse trip i.e. during my sql query. then all the information is stored in the resultset. and when i use resultsetmetadata it gets the information from the resultset. i was under the wrong impression that its going to the database and getting the ...

4. column name

5. How to find the column names..???

6. Finding matching column name

8. getting data using column name

hi, my table structure like this; GDATE SALES1 SALES2 SALES3 12-AUG-2003 10 20 30 13-AUG-2003 20 30 40 14-AUG-2003 30 20 60 15-AUG-2003 90 100 50 COLUMN NAME SALES1 DATA SHOULD STORE LIKE THIS IN an ARRAYLIST list.add("12-aug-2003","SALES1",10); list.add("13-aug-2003","SALES1",20); list.add("14-aug-2003","SALES1",30); list.add("15-aug-2003","SALES1",90); COLUMN NAME SALES2 DATA SHOULD STORE LIKE THIS IN an ARRAYLIST list.add("12-aug-2003","SALES2",20); list.add("13-aug-2003","SALES2",30); list.add("14-aug-2003","SALES2",20); list.add("15-aug-2003","SALES2",100); COLUMN NAME SALES3 DATA SHOULD ...

9. How to refer columns with same name in jdbc

I have a join statement : Select a.col1, a.col2, b.col3, b.col2 from TABLE1 a, TABLE2 b where a.col1 = b.col1 how do I refer with same column name suppose I want to get b.col2 I get error when I try rs.getString("b.col2") or rs.getString("TABLE2.COL2").. note I donot want positional retrieval i.e rs.getString(x) , where x is column number. can you suggest how ...

10. what is the limitation of getString(column name)?

Might be a driver limitation of some kind, but in general, there's no such limit in most JDBC drivers (at least not lower than 2000 characters). It's probably drawing the line at ~256 because of character encoding. What driver are you using? It might be best to consult the makers of the driver on the limit.

11. Column name too wide

12. to get the most repeated column name

13. Column name for getGeneratedKeys()?

I'm using Statement.getGenertedKeys() on MySQL. I get the generted values back fine, but I'd like to also be able to retrieve the name of the column that contains this generated key value (I'm doing this in a DAO base class, where I don't know the name of the table or anything, really. rsKeys = stm.getGeneratedKeys(); ResultSetMetaData rsmd = rsKeys.getMetaData(); Map ...

14. Good practice or not? Using DB Column name to map back to HTML & Java object names

I was wanting to see what the opinion or practice is when naming objects in the HTML that will eventually be loaded and stored into the DB. Lets say in my DB I have a column named DESCRIPTION in my table. Would you recommend or not using the field name to assign to a HTML field for mapping purposes by naming ...