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1. JDBC DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() returns duplicate columns

I'm busy on a piece of code to get alle the column names of a table from an Oracle database. The code I came up with looks like this:

DriverManager.registerDriver (new oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver());
Connection ...

2. Databasemetadata getting column details

I use databasemetadata to find the column size. But getColumns(null,null,"table_name",null) returns an empty resultset. I checked for the table by querying it and the table is present. Where is the error? ...

3. How to detect if a column is a computed column

I'm working with SQL Server 2000 and Java. I am creating an application that, among other things, reads the metadata from the tables, recreates them at another server and carry the data. One ...

4. MetaData - Column Captions

5. column HEADER problem

6. why is the column data not displaying?

I didn't know whether to post this here or on JDBC. I thought I would start here, since I am still a beginner... This is my Java final project and I am desperate. I don't understand why the table and column data are not displaying. Is it a JDBC issue? Or am I adding them wrong? This is the code: import ...

7. Invalid column 1, use next() before calling getXXX()

Hi. I have a connection pool and there is a first level tier of clients which accesses the database. This tier returns a ResultSet to be used by objects in a second level tier. Each element of the second tier, has one static element of the first tier, which is called when an access to the DB is needed. This way ...

8. Unique Columns

I am going to specify the 'username' column in my database (mySQL) as unique. When I try to insert a duplicate username into that column, what kind of error / exception should I expect in Java? How should it be handled? The ultimate goal here is to notify the user that the username already exists and that they should choose another. ...

9. sorting multiple columns

10. adding text to one column

Do you mean that you want to store in the FirstName column something like this: FirstName1,FirstName2,FirstName3,FirstName4,... (in which case you'd set your FirstName column to be the string created by appending FirstName1 + "," + FirstName2 +"," - the db doesn't care what you really put in the column if it's a text field with sufficient length) Or do you mean ...

11. Oracle-jdbc : get a LONG column

12. Compare Two Column

Hi Guys This is what i am trying to do...I have 1 table calledd...User_LOGIN and it has 2 it LOGON1 and LOGON2...i want to compare these two column and find out which record is missing and produce txt file with the missing one... I have one record which has all the records from column 1 and another record set with ...

13. infinite positions for column

Depends on the Database you are using. MySQL has a TEXT data type. It will probably be what you want to use. There are constraints on any data type in any database. Even if it just comes down to the allowed memory size of the table itself. Here is a list of data types and their storage limitations for MySQL. If ...

14. Using two column functions to return a time span

I have a table that logs visitors to my website. They all have unique ids. They all came in through one channel or another (browse, wap, etc). SELECT hit_timestamp, uid, src FROM hit_track; timestamp uid src 2003-12-18 11:51:5910017browse 2003-12-18 11:52:0210017browse 2003-12-18 11:54:5110017browse 2003-12-16 12:07:1910030browse 2003-12-16 12:06:2310030browse 2004-01-05 13:32:5810030browse 2003-12-18 12:03:4210031browse 2003-12-18 12:03:5010031browse 2003-12-22 15:21:2010053browse Now, I want the 'site visit duration' ...

15. Returning mutple columns in a vector

Hi I seem to have a problem with reurning rows of data, with more than 1 columns. I am writing a generic method that returns data i get from database. The parameters I take is a query string, and connection details. my problem is that when i select more than one column from a table.. instead of returning something like this: ...

16. formatting output columns

I am new to retrieving data from an Access database using JAVA code with enbedded SQL. I am just doing a basic SELECT * FROM database. So all the records show up, but my columns are all uneven. What can I use to get my columns lined up under the column headers? I would like to have the 1st position of ...

17. Detect Column Causes Truncation

18. saving list of strings to one column?

Hi, I am using db2. I am wondering if it is possible to save a list of strings to one column of a table? I can create another table which stores a list of rows containg individual strings and a foreign key to its parent table.But I think its overkill to do so. It would be much simpler just to save ...

19. Copying of column

20. rs.getInt() on varchar column.

Hi, I have posted this because something surprising for me came up during some r n d. If column's data type is varchar , values are mix of characters and numeric for example.. 11111, 11122,aaaa, bbbb etc. fetching values using rs.getInt(columnname) is throwing exception after character data comes. It is able to fetch numeric values. It should have thrown exception at ...

21. ORA-06550: line 1, column 36: PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol ";"

Following is the code of oracle function:- create or replace function add_constraint(p_pk_table varchar2, p_pk_col_list varchar2, p_fk_table varchar2, p_fk_col_list varchar2 := null) return varchar2 is v_add_statement varchar2(200) := null; v_statement varchar2(4000) := null; v_fk_col_list varchar2(1000) := null; v_datatype varchar2(100) := null; begin if p_fk_col_list is null then select case when atc.data_type like '%CHAR%' then atc.data_type || '(' || atc.data_length || ')' when ...

23. want to copy a column from database into an array

import com.fdsapi.*; ResultSetConverter rsc=new ResultSetConverter(resultSet); int rows=rsc.getRowCount(); int cols=rsc.getColumnCount(); boolean empty=rsc.isEmpty(); String[] header=rsc.getMetaData(); Object[][] data=rsc.getResultSet(); //There is also a DataAccess object that simplifies the code by abstracting jdbc // use jdbc DataSource called MyDataSource. Note no jdbc calls are made to get data DataAccess da=new DataAccessJ2EE("MyDataSource"); ResultSetConverter rsc=da.getResultSetConverter("SELECT user_id FROM Employee ");

24. How to know the Data-type of column?

Sangram, From the information you have supplied, it looks like you are using the "toString()" method of class "java.sql.Date" to display date values retrieved from the database. Note that you may not be doing this directly. If you are displaying the value in a "JTable", then the "JTable" is doing this for you. The "toString()" method of "java.sql.Date" does, in fact, ...

25. Storing in BLOC column.

You can insert file data into BLOB column in Oracle DB by first reading the file as ByteStream & later inserting that into BLOB column. One more thing you can't insert data into BLOB/CLOB column by Stored Procedures/Functions, you have to embed the SQL in your Java application. Hope this serves your purpose.

26. How to get details of a particular column in database.

Hi dear friends, I am getting error while i try to get index information on a particular column. here is the code.. why it gives me error import java.sql.*; import java.util.StringTokenizer; public class TestIndex { final static String jdbcURL = "jdbc:timesten:client:CATSREPLICATION"; final static String jdbcDriver = "com.timesten.jdbc.TimesTenClientDriver"; final static String scheme = "CATSPROD"; public static void main(java.lang.String[] args) { System.out.println("--- Database ...

27. how dynamic column display and also sorting?

Hi, I have one table It contains username, and address. I can display username and address and also sorting done both asc and desc order. I want to add one more column in the display page and database/or file(Dyanmic fileds). for eg. i want to add emailid id. My expected Output is both username and address and also dynamic field that ...

28. Problem with column alias: Unknown column 'avg_rating' in 'where clause'

Hello, I have a basic sql statement as follows: SELECT e.establishment_id, e.establishment_name, avg(rt.rating) avg_rating FROM establishment e, rating rt, comment com, establishment_country ec, country_ref cou where etc... and avg_rating >= 1 and 0=0 group by e.establishment_id order by e.establishment_id I have used a column alias for "avg(r.rating)" and named it "avg_rating". It works in my Mysql Query browser without problem but ...

29. Nulls in columns or not? Frequent DB design standards issue.

Welcome, Lynn! Does the book (or you) have any position on allowing null column values when designing database tables? There always seems to be a difference of opinion whether they should be allowed in the database or whether the columns should be set to a default value. At my shop, our DB guideline is to allow nulls only on columns defines ...

30. Populating a Combo-Box from a Database Column?

Hi there, I'm using the JDBC driver to connect my Java program to a Microsoft Access database. I was wondering if there was any way that i could link up a combo-box so that its contents are obtained from a column in a database table. Is this possible? Any example code that would help give me an insight would be much ...

31. Mapping DB columns to Object

Hi All, I have a class where I connect to the DB (connection to the DB, fetching records works perfectly fine) and fetch two columns which I am trying to map to a User Object. Heres how my code looks: DB Class: Statement st2 = con.createStatement(); ResultSet rs2 = st2.executeQuery("select map.object_type, map.function_name from soaapi.auth_authorization_mappings_s map inner join soaapi.auth_authorizations_s auth ON auth.permission_id ...

32. Mapping DB columns to Objects

Hi All, I have a class where I connect to the DB (connection to the DB, fetching records works perfectly fine) and fetch two columns which I am trying to map to a User Object. Heres how my code looks: DB Class: Statement st2 = con.createStatement(); ResultSet rs2 = st2.executeQuery("select map.object_type, map.function_name from soaapi.auth_authorization_mappings_s map inner join soaapi.auth_authorizations_s auth ON auth.permission_id ...

33. Missing column

Hi friends, I am using JSP and AJAX to display reports in my Web Application.... I had 17 fields in my table..The problem is one field has all the 17 columns and other one has not, it contains some null values too...When i try to display the record which has some NULL fields,instead of displaying as NULL as output, the column ...

34. How many Column ?

35. Setting the column witdth

36. Unknown column 'mkl' in 'field list

import java.sql.*; //import java.lang.NullPointerException; /** * * @author inspiron */ public class form extends javax.swing.JFrame { Statement statement = null; String url = "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/"; String db = "entry"; String driver = "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"; String user = "root"; String pass = "aaaa"; Connection con = null; /** Creates new form form */ public form() { initComponents(); try { Class.forName(driver).newInstance(); con = DriverManager.getConnection(url + ...

37. creating an encrypted column

38. merging two columns

39. Problem with identity column

I have a table with one coulumn "id" as identity with seed 1 and increament 1. when i run this query select ident_current('Account') + ident_incr('Account'); it returns 2. when i insert one record, the value inserted in id column is 1. when i run this query again select ident_current('Account') + ident_incr('Account'); it returns 2 again. i am using this id column ...

41. Column count not matching the amount of columns in database

Hi All, I am having a problem with the above error being produced from my code String [] users = user; for(int i = 0; i < users.length; i++){ System.out.println(users[i]);//testing only } String query = "insert into users values(?,?)"; PreparedStatement ps = null; try{ con.setAutoCommit(false); ps = con.prepareStatement(query); if(connected){ for(int i = 0; i < users.length; i++){ String val = users[i]; ...

42. What happens when the length of the text exceed the limit of the column VARCHAR

I use VARCHAR(4000) for a column in a table in MySQL. 4000 is the max char allowed in MySQL. What will happen if the text length exceeds the 4000? Does the DB (MySQL or Oracle) automatically chop off anything that above 4000, but still allows you to insert or update the text of the first 4000 chars? Or the DB will ...

43. Adding Columns dynamically through UI

You'll need to execute an "ALTER TABLE" query. The exact syntax depends on the database server used, but in general it's something like this: ALTER TABLE mytable ADD COLUMN newcolumn type NULLThat last NULL indicates the column can have NULL values. Use "NOT NULL" instead to indicate it cannot have NULL values, but that's only possible if you have no rows ...

44. sum of nonexisting column

45. How to count duplicate entries in one column

I need to write a program for my school. It's an app for bird-watching-enthusiasts (don't know how you call them in English, we call them 'vogelaars'). The idea is that people who spot a specific bird-type, can add the name of that bird to the database. Furthermore the program needs to count how many birds of that type were spotted in ...

46. Encrypting unique columns

Hello again, I hope I will not be banned for spamming this section, haha. I have a few questions regarding encrypting data in my MSSQL database. For instance, say I have a table Person that has the following columns: id, int (PK) firstName, VARCHAR(20) lastName, VARCHAR(20) socialNumber, VARCHAR(50), UNIQUE phoneNumber, VARCHAR(20) encryptionKey, VARCHAR(30) Just an example. I am encrypting a String ...

47. Database Column vs String Concatenation

Hello freinds..... Please tell me which out of the 2 solutions is a better solution and why? PROBLEM ----------- I need to store 2 values of String type in the database Value1 - GUID Value2 - Reference Number Examples Record1 : asdasdsadsa12345 Record2 : dggtghknklkll12345 where 12345 is the reference number and the remaining part of the value is the GUID. ...

48. Getting desired column from database

49. Missing database last column

I think you meant rows, not columns, since you only ever read one column ("attach_id"). Reading your code, the "attach_id" value of the last row should be printed twice. Once by the line saying "Database attach id is:" and a second time by the line saying "test is:". Why do you think a row is missing?

51. sorting all columns data from database in alphabetical order

$db = mysql_connect("localhost","user","pasw") or die ("no conn"); mysql_select_db("db") or die ("no conn"); $rez = mysql_query ("SET NAMES UTF8"); $rez = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table"); $num = mysql_num_rows($rez); $i=0; while ( $i<$num) { $i++; $eile = mysql_fetch_array($rez); $_lot_arr[$i] = $eile["lot"]. $dist.$eile["id"]; $_lt_arr[$i] = $eile["lt"].$dist.$eile["id"]; $_en_arr[$i] = $eile["en"].$dist.$eile["id"]; $_ru_arr[$i] = $eile["ru"].$dist.$eile["id"]; $_ge_arr[$i] = $eile["ge"].$dist.$eile["id"]; } sort($_lot_arr); sort($_lt_arr); sort($_en_arr); sort($_ru_arr); sort($_ge_arr); print ""; for ...

52. unable to get data from database which column got special character

Hi, I facing a problem when trying to get data from database which the column name contain special character "." rbtFileName = rs.getString("RBT Filename< PPP_CCC_ NNNNN >.wav"); this error found when i runnning the script :- java.sql.SQLException: Column not found i'm tried to put escape character to get the data,but it still the same rbtFileName = rs.getString("RBT Filename< PPP_CCC_ NNNNN > ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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