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1. retrieving column caption in access

try { stmt = l.dbCon.createStatement(); rs = stmt.executeQuery(qry.toString()); ResultSetMetaData rsmd= rs.getMetaData(); int numberofcolumns = rsmd.getColumnCount(); while({ for (int i =1; i<= numberofcolumns; i++ ){ String columnlabel = rsmd.getColumnLabel(i); String columnname = rsmd.getColumnName(i); out.println("

[B]" + columnlabel + "[/B]"); out.println(""); out.println(""); out.println("

2. retrieving the value of a column in a recently-inserted row

I am trying to insert data into 2 tables, but in order to insert into the 2nd table, I need a value from the record inserted into the 1st table, which was not provided by me in my code (it's the primary key of the table, and it's value is determined by the DB, not me) So, I want to do ...

5. how to retrieve value of PK , when it is composed of more than one columns

Hi Thank you for reading my post is there any way that we can retrieve value of PK for a row in tables ? for example i have a table which its PK is composed of two field and now i want to store PK value for later use ( later use : I should delete some rows that i previusly ...