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1. What pattern fits between a façade and a DAO?

I'm in the process of designing part of my companies architecture for its JEE web applications. I'm pretty clear on the reasons to use a façade and one or more DAOs. ...

2. Googling DAL & DAO returns only C# .NET related results – Does a DAL/DAO type pattern exist in Java?

The subject line says it all. Googling DAL & DAO returns only C# .NET related results.
Is there a DAL/DAO equivalent pattern in the Java world? Are there any reference implementations available?

3. Streaming DAO Results in Java (Design Pattern)

Given following situation:

  • DAO which queries all rows from a table and maps them to a list of domain objects (pure JDBC)
  • A service which processes the list resulting from the DAO and ...

4. DAO pattern and the Open-Closed Principle

I've seen and worked with a lot of older, JDBC-based DAO code that usually start out with CRUD methods. My question relates specifically to the retrieval methods, or 'finders'. ...

5. What is dao factory pattern?

I am aware of factory and abstract factory methods, but I want to create a DAO factory pattern in Java.

  1. I want to know its importance.
  2. Its usage
[I have checked this link.][1] But ...

6. Is a DAO Only Meant to Access Databases?

I have been brushing up on my design patterns and came across a thought that I could not find a good answer for anywhere. So maybe someone with more experience can ...

7. DAO Pattern

Hi, What is DAO Pattern? I want to learn the DAO Pattern. Any simple tutorial for beginners other than the sun site. Please provide sample/example coding of what is DAO Pattern. I think DAO Pattern is used for Database. If I want to add a employee ID and Employee name into the database. How to design this simple thing in the ...

8. DAO pattern for stored procedure cal

9. DAO Pattern & Head First Series

Hi, I have learned/learning JSP and Servlets in Head First JSP and Servlets. As a next step, I want to learn thr Design Pattern. So far I have learnt in Servlets and JSP, I done a small project for adding the employee details in the database by different pattern such as MVC pattern (Model - Java Bean, Controller - Servlet (having ...

10. Design pattern for DAO layer

We have identified about 13 different funtionality in our application. On design part, we have planned to have 13 different interfaces and their corresponding implementation in the DAO layer. Is there any design pattern for this scenario that uses only a single interface and the implementation class to derive from it? Regards, Joshua

13. Real Time Scenario For Singleton Desgnpatter and DAO design pattern

Hi Deepak, First i will go for Singleton there is a funtionallity where you are getting Meta Data on to the form, so if you hit database for every time it is overhead to server. Instead get the data for first time and keep it in cache and use it for everytime untill the Meta data is not changed, if data ...

14. DAO Pattern

Why do we need to create interface and implementation both while using DAO pattern? I understand advantages of using interfaces like functional abstraction, different implementations etc. But in a project, when only one implementation class is needed at DAO layer, Do I need to create interface for that just because DAO pattern work like that?

15. dao pattern

16. Basic DAO pattern question

I was told that the best way to implement database is through DAO pattern. I'be looked at a lot of examples over the net but couldn't understand it right. let's say I have 2 classes: 1- a main class that needs to access database 2 - class that handles database manipulation (connect to database, add values, delete and etc.) and I ...