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1. SQL query of multi-member file on AS400

On AS400 in interactive SQL in a 5250 session,

select * from myfile
returns rows from one member only when myfile has more than one member. How can I get rows from a specific ...

2. DB2 AS400 Java function always returns same value

I am writing a user defined function to DB2 on AS/400 in Java and the strangest thing happen..
I am always getting the same result from the function even when i ...

3. Can i create "logical files" in AS400 using sql?

I need to create as400 "logical files". my app connects to the db with jdbc. Is it possible to create "logical files" with sql statements ? If yes I would appreciate a sample ...

4. DB2 AS400 JDBC Driver

I am working with an as400 database as far as I can tell the only jdbc driver in existence for that database is the IBM Toolbox for Java driver ( There is one other driver ( but it's only for stuff that runs directly on the database os. This driver works fine, except when we started using hibernate with c3p0 for ...

6. not access member AS400 - DB2

7. how to connect to AS400 database DB2