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Using DB2 Type4 "Universal" driver against DB2 v8 (on aix) I'd like to do something like this: buf.append("DECLARE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE .....;"); buf.append("update temp table....;'); buf.append("DELETE from temp table where xxx;"); buf.append("select * from temp table;"); bool = stmt.execute(buf.toString()); //process update counts and results sets with //stmt.getUpdateCount(), stmt.getMoreResults(), stmt.getResultSet()... DB2 complains about this some token missing on the first line. I ...

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Hello All, I have data in a java object as data1, data2. data1 and data2 together forms a composite key in myTable where I want to insert the object. The writing is happening as a batch. Like 10 insert statements are prepared using 10 objects and are executed as a batch. I want to insert the above data with the constraint: ...