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1. Insert special characters in DB2 database

I am having database in DB2 that works fine with insertion of normal text with java. But as some special characters occurs like Mise à jour des référentiels liés then problem comes ...

2. ignoring end of line character in a DAT file in DB2 import command while loading data

I have a dat file containing data. A line from the file is as below:

This data is being loaded in a DB2 table using db2 import command. Issue: The last field in ...

4. EBCDIC/ASCII character translation from DB2 via JDBC

Hi all, We are using JDBC2.0 and DB2ConnectV7.3 on a PC(or Solaris) to get data from DB2V5 on the OS/390. When doing a "SELECT", an exclamation point on the mainframe is being translated to a right bracket. (Among other things...) Any idea which product does the EBCDIC to ASCII conversion and how to modify the translation results? Thanks, --Amy

5. Special character handling in DB2

6. Cannot insert chinese/thai characters in db2 through script

I have a db2 script that tries to insert some thai characters in a certain column of a table. The contents of that script is somewhat like this: insert into thmsg (name, thvalue) values ('aaaa', ''); I saved that script in UTF-8 format. Name of the file is thai.sql. Then I started the DB2 Command Line Processor (CLP) and executed the ...

7. problem with db2 and webshpere (characters are truncated)

Hello, i've bmp ejb's on websphere(4 and 5.x) and ibm db2 fp 7. sometimes, when values are updated via ejb, the value is cut after 10 characters and the last characters show as small boxes. This happens not always, but often with the same column (varchar) in the table. when i make a select in the command window, the values in ...