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Can somebody explain how to tune db2 for use? 1. \java home\jre\lib\ext\db2jcc.jar 2. Class.forName("comm.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver"); - generate exception class not found, but classpath value seted properly. Could somebody provide examples of using mysql and db2, especially how to prepare it to work (which files and were I must copy, which configs I must write).

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I tried the following: String[] cmd = { "db2cmd.exe", " a.bat"}; Process p = abc.exec(cmd); And, its working fine. I dont want to include an "exit" in the bat file. Instead I want to close the db2 command prompt window from JAVA itself. means something like this: String[] cmd = { "db2cmd.exe", " a.bat","exit"}; Process p = abc.exec(cmd); Thanks,

3. DKRetrieveOptionsICM.class of DB2 CM    forums.oracle.com

4. DKRetrieveOptionsICM.class of DB2 CM    forums.oracle.com

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Atually i want to get data from DB2View.. can u pls tell me how to get it from DB2View.. its like a normal way or else.. for example. select empName, empId from table_name.. Can i do like this way or do i need to get it in some other way from DB2View ? Message was edited by: Ayyappan_13