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1. Is there any JDBC Type 4 driver for DB2 v6?

Does DB2 UDB v6 supports JDBC Type 4 drivers? Where can I get that JDBC Type 4 driver?

2. What is Type 4 XA driver?

In our application when we create the Datasource, we select the
Database Name DB2
Driver: BEA Type 4 XA DB2
But what i know is, there are only 4 ...

3. java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError while loading DB2 JDBC driver

I try to use jboss-seam with a db2 database, the following error occurs [jcc][10389][12245][3.52.95] while loading the native 
library   db2jcct2, java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no db2jcct2 in java.library.path  
an error ...

4. DB2 JDBC native driver issues with lazy close

I am using java 1.5 on AS400 with DB2 database. I am using the native JDBC driver ( to perform the connection to the database. I want to turn "lazy close" property ...

5. How to get DB2 driver load correctly on AIX 5.3

I am having this annoying problem of loading DB2 driver from a JAVA application on AIX5.3, what I got is this : java.sql.SQLException: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: db2jdbc (A file or directory in the path ...

6. db2 driver returns java.lang.Integer for smallint

          Object o = rs.getObject(i);
          System.out.println(o.getClass()); //prints java.lang.Integer
The problem is that I have ...

7. Where do I download JDBC drivers for DB2 that are compatible with JDK 1.5?

Where do I download JDBC drivers for DB2 that are compatible with JDK 1.5? They seem to be very elusive and I hit many dead-ends at IBM's website. I managed to ...

8. Why is DB2 Type 4 JDBC Driver looking for native library db2jcct2?

I thought the Type 4 JDBC driver was pure Java and wouldn't require native libraries. When I put db2jcc4.jar in the WEB-INF/lib directory of my Tomcat app packaged as a .war file, ...

10. Where is JDBC driver for DB2 on OS390??

11. Db2 Drivers

13. db2 driver

14. DB2 driver

Hi all, I just downloaded DB2 UDB version 8 trial version & tried to access the database (I used the following code to register and load the driver), but I get an error that package doesn't exist. I have added the db2jcc.jar and files in my classpath. DriverManager.registerDriver(new; Class db2Driver = Class.forName(""); Could anybody who has worked on ...

15. Db2 driver

16. DB2 net Driver Problem

17. Type 4 driver for db2

18. Type 2 and Type 4 Drivers for DB2

Hi, There is a stored procedure in DB2 which expects Date as its input parameter. The code is deployed in weblogic 8.0 and the driver used is (Type 2 ) . Code snippet is as follows CallableStatement CS = conn.prepareCall(SQL(?)); String strdate = "2005-01-01"; CS.setString(1, strdate) CS.execute(); When i run the same piece of code in my local IDE (WSAD) ...

19. DB2 :No suitable driver

Hi Working with DB2 driver need that you should have license file in the path too. you should put the : db2jcc_license_cu.jar in class path too. another thing : AFAIK we should seperate the name value pair with ; i see that you seperate them with , correct them and if you could not connect then post the error messege here. ...

20. DB2 App Driver gives Null Pointer


23. DB2 upgrade creates jdbc driver problem

We've been using the (driver name = IBM DB2 alias). That driver provides both a JDBC 1.2 and a JDBC 2.0-based implementation. Over the weekend, they upgraded the database to version 8. Some of our java code failed to run and threw OutOfMemoryErrors, so we switched to using the newer driver (driver name = IBM DB2 Universal Type 2). ...

25. No suitable Driver in DB2

Hi, I am working in UNIX.I tried to connect to DB2(client) which is in windows. when i tried to connect to DB2 from UNIX, it shows No suitable driver. If i connect from windows,it works fine. Here is my code import java.sql.*; public class JdbcTest1 { public static void main (String[] args) { try { Class.forName(""); String url = "jdbc:db2:dbname"; Connection ...

26. JDBC driver for DB2

27. different behavior with db2 driver, type 4

I have noticed a difference in data returned from the database, after having changed to a DB2 driver of type 4. The most annoying change - and the one I would like some input on - is this: My application is using Stored Procedures, so I'm using CallableStatement to call the Procedure. Getting data out of the CallableStatement is done by ...

28. How to know one is using a Type 4 Driver with DB2

I am working on a J2EE app that has been around awhile. We seem to have finally convinced everyone of the need to upgrade to type 4 drivers. Problem is that I haven't done this in awhile and I seem to have forgotten...well, everything. So I have a couple questions: 1) Are there any known side effects of switching from type ...

29. DB2 Type 2 Vs Type 4 Driver

Hello All, I have one application in which I am calling one procedure from DB2 database and I am entering some record into one of my table. Now Problem is what when I am using DB2 Type 4 driver with driver manager it work fine but when same code I am using along with Type 2 driver and datasource it throws ...

30. [JDBCExceptionReporter] No suitable driver found for jdbc:db2:/

Hi All, I have a webservice which am running under jboss. The webservice is communicating with DB2. When I put the DB2 driver jars on the run configuration of JBoss run in eclipse they are available to my webservice. I need to put the jars under the lib folder of my application which I keep onto my classpath and when I ...

31. Urgent help - DB2 type 4 driver returns 0E-8 for decimal value

Hi Ranchers, We are using DB2 type 4 driver and Spring JDBC for DB communications. We have a column "COLUMN1" defined as DECIMAL(15,2). The Spring-defination for this column is as 3 //3 represents Decimal //Java code to get the value from output map BigDecimal COLUMN1 = (BigDecimal)outMap.get("COLUMN1"); System.out.println("COLUMN1 value ::: ...

32. db2 type 4 driver result set fetch size

33. DB2 JDBC Driver upgrade

Friends, Recently we have upgraded the Application server from Websphere v5.1 to v6.1. WAS(Websphere Application Server) v5.1 was using DB2 Legacy JDBC Driver. Now, it is depricated in v6.1. Asap now, we continue using the Legacy driver in v6.1 also. But soon, we need to upgrade the JDBC driver to DB2 Univer JDBC driver. Does anyone know that, the changes need ...

34. DB2 Driver issue

Hi I have just downloaded the Java SDK and am looking at the netbeans IDE. I havve just tried to create a new Java Database application and tried to point it at a simple test DB2 database I have created on my local machine but it is complaining that it cannot establish a connection to my local DB2 database using "org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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