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1. outer join in DB2

2. outer joins in DB2

3. row_number not working when using multiple joins [db2]

Hello, I have a complex join the result of which I am going to insert in another table. I would like to number the rows from 1 to n as they are fetched by my sql query. I tried using the row_number to no avail. Can anyone please help? Here is the query: SELECT accounts.YTAXID AS BVNIF, accounts.YNA1 AS BVNAME, transactions.TTDATE ...

4. Need to "simulate" multiple full outer joins on db2

Found a page ( with how to "simulate" full outer join on db2 (because for who knows why, db2 doesn't support full outer joins and thinks it's a good idea to force developers to double their code to get the same results...??) Unfortunately, I have a dynamic query which may have anywhere from 1 to 5 full outer joins. Here is ...