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1. Integrity control of DB2 query over network    stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to control the integrity of a DB2 query/response between Websphere 6.1 and DB2 8.1 ? I know there is a SecurityMechanism usuable with the JDBC UDB Type 4 ...

2. Remove padding added by legacy DB2 databases on query results    stackoverflow.com

I have the following setup.

'Apps/Reports' <---------> 'DB2 Connect' <------------> 'Legacy DB2 on AS400'
               `Hibernate`    ...

3. DB2 JDBC: "Same" query gives different results    stackoverflow.com

I've been assigned to develop a small Java application to process some data from a DB2 database(used for logging business transactions), and I know a little about the internal settings of ...

4. I want a db2 query to which satisfy the following condition    stackoverflow.com

I have requirement to fetch all the rows which have value in some column like d'souza or in the form of something'something i tried using a like query as '[a-zA-Z]''%' but ...

5. Error with db2 query using jdbc    stackoverflow.com


 DataSource ds = (DataSource) ctx.lookup("MyConnection"); 
    //MyConnection can be tested  fine from websphere
    Connection connection = ds.getConnection();
    Statement st = ...

6. Debug SQL queries in SQuirrel-sql    stackoverflow.com

How do I go about debugging a SQL statement in SQuirrel-sql? I keep getting "unhelpful" errors like:

Error: [SQL0104] Token , was not valid. Valid tokens: ) OR.
SQLState:  42601
ErrorCode: -104
I would love ...

7. How to upper cast the average in db2 query?    coderanch.com

Hi all, Below is the query : i am getting SQL0802N Arithmetic overflow or other arithmetic exception occurred. SQLSTATE=22003 error in the below query for avg calculation. The DUR_MILLISCNDS_CNT is integer. Can Upper casting the average solve the error. How to upper Cast average. Can you please help me in this. ------------------ try { String sQuery="SELECT " +"Count(*) As DAILY_VOLUME, " ...

8. SQL Query optimizer for DB2    coderanch.com

Hi, I would like to know which is the best and recommended SQL query optimization/tuning tool for DB2 windows from below? 1. Optimization Service Center for DB2 for z/OS (OSC), a convenient workstation tool for analyzing EXPLAIN output 2. OMEGAMON DB2 Performance Expert, a tool which can help you with SQL performance 3. EXPLAIN, a DB2 monitoring tool 4. DB2 SQL ...

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