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I have to write code to clone a database entry with associated data in other tables and assign it a new ID. Simplified I have a MAIN Table ...

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Here is my situation and my constraints:

  1. I am using Java 5, JDBC, and DB2 9.5
  2. My database table contains a BIGINT value which represents the primary key. For various reasons that ...

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Recently one of my colleagues made a comment that I should not use

LIKE '%'||?||'%'
rather use
in the SQL and then replace the LIKE ? marker ...

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My current task is to migrate a remote database to a localhost database. Everything seems fine up to now. The problem is when I'm checking whether the data are the same, ...

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I have been searching how to get application Id from db2 8.1.5 on Z/OS(remote). I found this link: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/data/library/techarticle/0302stolze/0302stolze.html In this link, it is said that there is not built-in function(application_id) ...

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I have a file which contains SQL "insert" statements. I open this file, read it and then try to insert it in the database(table is already there). Statements are of the ...

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