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I am developing a java app for invoking sql stored procedures. There would be many stored procedures which would have different IN and OUT parameters. The procs to be called would ...

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Let us say I have a table called ABC with 2 columns id(number), content(xml) in DB2.

String q="select * from ABC where id=121";
Connection conn = getConnection(dbUrl,schemaName,userName,password);
Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();
ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(q);

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how to insert database(DB2) tuples as XML elements in XML file using java? Is there any possibility to retrieve XML elements which were entered earlier as database tuples?? or can they be ...

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Hi friends, My project is to convert the XML file to DB2 file using Java... Here first i have to read the XML file in java and convert it into object and using that object i have to store it in DB2 file. I need java source code..... Please help me to do this.... the XML file is like this...

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Using JDBC Tiger Rowset (April 7 release)... Have tested "exporting" data from DB2 via the Rowset implementation from Sun (Tiger) and can print relational data to an XML document. Imagine that this exported data is compairable a set to "exported" records which will be "imported" into an similar table structure. Reading XML documents back into a WebRowSet isn't a problem either. ...