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1. Java Adding Image to BLOB datafield

For this university assignment that I have been assigned. I have to develop an application for use on a PDA which is running J2ME and Apache Derby in embedded mode. I would ...

2. how to save toolkitimage in derby blob

I am trying to save an Image to Derby Db(JDBC),but it gives exception

   void imageload () {
FileDialog fd = new FileDialog(MainFram.this,"Open", FileDialog.LOAD);;
if(fd.getFile() == null){
//Label1.setText("You have not chosen any ...

3. Comparing Blob types in PreparedStatement

I am using Derby database. I wrote this query:

InputStream is = new;
PreparedStatement st11 = conn.prepareStatement("select f from a1 where dBlob =?)");
dBlob is a BLOB datatype. BYTES is also a BLOB datatype. But ...

4. Converting LONGVARBINARY of HSQL to BLOB of Derby

You could use toString() method but that won't actually work well because of character encoding rules. You may need to manually convert the byte array to a string format that HSQL understands then just use a setString on a prepared statement to set the data. Although not all jdbc drivers support this method of creating records with blobs/clobs. Others require multiple ...