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1. Is it possible to temporarily duplicate and modify rows on the fly in an SQL SELECT query?

I've just received a new data source for my application which inserts data into a Derby database only when it changes. Normally, missing data is fine - I'm drawing ...

2. SQL Derby: GROUP BY not selected id

I am using Derby.
I have a table with two columns X and Y.
I want to select column X but group by column Y.
This means I want to show only ...

3. Derby INSERT SELECT null pointer exception

I'm writing a Java application that's working with Apache Derby via JDBC. I'm having problems with the code in the following snippet:

byte md5[] = md5sum(file);

PreparedStatement s = con.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO input_files (job_ID, ...

4. Sql select query help

I have a database table with data as shown below:

Primary key | Column1       | Column2          | ...

5. insert and select record in parent child table

I have two table CUSTOMER as parent and PROFILE as child with one to many relationship.I want to insert and select data from both table simultaneously how?

6. Retrieve max column value in a table from java

i am trying to retrieve the max value of the column ID from the table SAMPLE_1. i am able to execute the sql query in Derby but i am not able ...

7. How to select sum of values in a given range from huge tables quickly (Derby)

I got A and B table like:

Table A

a   b   mount
a0  b0  0.0001
a0  b1  0.0002

Table B

c   d   weight
c0  d0 ...

8. apache derby - explain select

I'm programming Java application working with Apache Derby and i'm looking for equivalent for "explain" statement (working for mySQL for example). It's not working in Derby. Is there something similar?