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1. How to format a date using Apache Derby?

I would like to format nicely a date received from a query like:

SELECT recdate FROM myrecords;
pratically I am searching the function to pretty formatting with a date pattern, better if SimpleDateFormat like. ...

2. Converting a Date from a String representation to a numerical representation and back again

Are there any patterns or known ways of converting a date from a string representation to a numerical representation and vice versa?
I am using an Apache Derby database as the persistence ...

3. Insert Java.sql.Date into Derby Database

I am trying to insert a date object into the database but it says im trying to insert an Integer. Here is my code:

public void insertAssignment(long studentId, String newAssignment, int ptsTotal, ...

4. How to return a NULL value for Date type column in SQL in Derby?

In my Sql, I want to group by some columns having some conditions , so for other column, they are date type. I just want to manually return null for ...

5. comparing java.sql.Date with DERBY date values

java.util.Date today = new java.util.Date(); java.sql.Date sqlToday = new java.sql.Date(today.getTime()); Query = java.beans.Beans.isDesignTime() ? null : MyDatabasePUEntityManager.createQuery("SELECT b FROM MyTable b WHERE < "+sqlToday);

6. saving date and time in a derby database from an ejb module

Hello, I can easily save and retrieve a date from an ejb application (creating a derby table with Date as one of the fields - automatically generating the entity class, -creating a session facade bean and creating a client) - but if the date also contains a time the time doesn't seemed to get stored in the table. I used DateFormat ...

7. comparing java.sql.Date with DERBY date values

I've been searching on this for a few days but I can't implement a working method of comparing a regular date to a date I have in a DERBY database. This is done in NB so even though preparedstatement might fix it, I have no idea how to implement that in NB and want to stick to a regular statement. Whats ...