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1. JavaDB connection error (network protocol)

I'm trying to connect to derby using this:

dbProperties.put("create", "true");
dbProperties.put("dataEncryption", "true");
dbProperties.put("encryptionAlgorithm", "DES/CBC/NoPadding");
dbProperties.put("encryptionKey", "1234567890123456");
dbProperties.put("securityMechanism", ClientDataSource.STRONG_PASSWORD_SUBSTITUTE_SECURITY);
//  protocol is dbProperties.getProperty("derby.url", "jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/");
dbConnection = DriverManager.getConnection(protocol + dbName, dbProperties);
but i get an error: A connection could not ...

2. JavaDB/Derby Error 08006

In the article Using Java DB in Desktop Applications the Address Book demo have a method disconnect which have a try-catch block that catch and ignores the ...

3. Netbeans Error in JavaEE project

I created javaEE project on WinXP and now i trying to open it in another PC having Win7 and then i run it i got an error

Could not ...

4. Apache Derby Lexical Error on #-sign?

I'm programmatically transferring data between a DB2 server and an Apache Derby (JavaDB) server. The DB2 server has a number of tables with column names that include the pound sign (#) character. ...

5. Error during Sonar Configuration ( use Derby default DB )

I changed my Sonar DB from Oracle to Default Derby. I successfully configured the Sonar Server, however I have error during the integration with Hudson.

Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: SQL driver not found ...

6. Netbean and derby connection error.

Hi guys I had created an application long days back using netbean. Now i have installed netbean 6.0.1 in my machine . Whenever i try to create a derby database connection ...

7. Derby db errors

8. Derby error

I use the following code in my class to connect with derby db: CachedRowSet rowSet = null; Class.forName(driver); rowSet = new CachedRowSetImpl(); rowSet.setUrl(url); // set database URL rowSet.setUsername(uname); // set username rowSet.setPassword(dpass); // set password I was wondering why I get the following error: No buffer space available (maximum connections reached?): connect. Is there a better implementation than the above for ...

9. Derby database connection error

10. Netbean and derby connection error.

It throws following error. unable to add connection .Cannot establish a connection to jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/fmgdb using org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver (DERBY SQL error :SQLCODE:-1,SQLSTATE:XJ040,SQLERRMC:Failed to start database 'fmgdb',see the next exception for details.::SQLSTATE:XSLANDatabase at C:\Documents and Settings\~\.netbeans-derby\fmgdb has an imcompatible format with the current version of the software .the database was created by or upgraded by version 10.4.).