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1. Implementing large scale log file analytics    stackoverflow.com

Can anyone point me to a reference or provide a high level overview of how companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc al perform the large scale (e.g. multi-TB range) log analysis ...

2. Configuring Hadoop logging to avoid too many log files    stackoverflow.com

I'm having a problem with Hadoop producing too many log files in $HADOOP_LOG_DIR/userlogs (the Ext3 filesystem allows only 32000 subdirectories) which looks like the same problem in this question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2091287/error-in-hadoop-mapreduce My ...

3. Storage of parsed log data in hadoop and exporting it into relational DB    stackoverflow.com

I have a requirement of parsing both Apache access logs and tomcat logs one after another using map reduce. Few fields are being extracted from tomcat log and rest from Apache ...

4. The logs doesn't appear in the console :( [Hadoop Question]    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to debug the WordCount example of Cloudera Hadoop but I can't. I've logged the mapper and the reducer class, but in the console doesn't appear the log. I attach ...

5. Hadoop enable logging    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to work with hadoop built from source in a single cluster mode.I checked out 0.22.0-alpha-1.I am facing few problems with logging. How do i enable debug logs. I tried adding

log4j.logger.org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskTracker=DEBUG ...

6. How to get the logs for a Hadoop RunningJob?    stackoverflow.com

I start a job on a Hadoop cluster using JobClient, which gives me a handle to a RunningJob. Is there a painless way to get the log output of just that ...

7. Importing multi-level directories of logs in hadoop/pig    stackoverflow.com

We store our logs in S3, and one of our (Pig) queries would grab three different log types. Each log type is in sets of subdirectories based upon type/date. For instance:

my ...

8. extract Similar users from logs using hadoop/pig    stackoverflow.com

We need as part of our start-up product to compute "similar user feature". And we've decided to go with pig for it. I've been learning pig for a few days now and ...

9. in hadoop how to log information to a single log file    stackoverflow.com

I am looking for a way to store some log information into a single log file in HDFS. That is different workers in Hadoop will dump the log information into a ...

10. Controlling the size of log file generated by flume itself    stackoverflow.com

Flume generates log in /var/log/flume folder. The files there are growing in GBs. How to limit the file size for these logs?

11. Conditional sum over data using Apache Pig Latin    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to do some log processing using Apache Pig Latin, and I was wondering if there was an easier way to do this:

filtered_logs = FOREACH logs GENERATE numDay, reqSize, optimizedSize, ...

12. How to log messages from Hadoop?    stackoverflow.com

How can I log messages from Hadoop Mapper (or Combiner/Reducer/whatever) so that I'd find these custom messages in Hadoop logs later?

public class GfimlMapper extends Mapper<Object, Text, Text, RawTerm>

13. Hadoop log streaming    stackoverflow.com

I was writing shell script that will run many hadoop jobs (possibly overnight) for performance purposes. I don't know how to tell Hadoop to write each map and reduce log information ...

14. How can I configure hadoop mapreduce so that the log of my mapreduce class can output to a file?    stackoverflow.com

I modified the $HADOOP_HOME/conf/log4j.properies But it is not working as what I expect. How to solve this problem?

15. how to suppress Hadoop logging message on the console    stackoverflow.com

These are the Hadoop Logging Message I was trying to surpress

11/10/17 19:42:23 INFO mapred.MapTask: (EQUATOR) 0 kvi 26214396(104857584)
11/10/17 19:42:23 INFO mapred.MapTask: mapreduce.task.io.sort.mb: 100
11/10/17 19:42:23 INFO mapred.MapTask: soft limit at 83886080
11/10/17 19:42:23 ...

16. Hadoop MapReduce intermediate output    stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to output to log the intermediate (Map Phase) output of a MapReduce Job without editing the Application? (The application is not mine, but the cluster is, and ...

17. Flume to hdfs writing    stackoverflow.com

I need to write some data to HDFS file system using flume. How this is possible. I am using ubuntu 11.10 thnx