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I'm working on a project with a friend that will utilize Hbase to store it's data. Are there any good query examples? I seem to be writing a ton ...

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I am running a little test/poc here. I need to load a few million rows every day into a database. And it's not log file data, I have comma delimited rows (of ...

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I'm thinking of using HBase to store logs (web log data), each log would have about 20 different values (let's say columns), I want to run queries that filter results based ...

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I have using HBase to store file locations. For example: I have 8 Rows, the followings are the keys in HBase. Each folder location is a key.

How can I use HBase ...

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Am I correct of storing JSON data in HBase?

 put 'messages', 123, 'cf:json', '{"foo":"bar"}'
Basically, I need to query it by ID, which is 123 in my example. And JSON is variable ...

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