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1. grails findAll() method

I am using the findAll() SQL-like method:

MyDomainClass.findAll("firstname='George' and lastname='kuo' and username='kjlop'"),
but I have got problem: when value starts with number(for example,when age='2poj') it throws an exception I ...

2. grails,hbase deleting associated entities problem

I am using grails-1.3.2 and gorm-hbase-0.2.4 plugin. I have two domain classes with bidirectional one to one associations:

class Parent{
  static hasOne = [child: Child]

class Child{
  static belongsTo = ...

3. update unidirectional one to one problem

I have two domain classes:

class Domain1 {

  String val11
  String val12
  Domain2 domain2

  static constraints = {

class Domain1Controller{

   * Create new ...

4. grails delete bidirectional one to one association

I have two domain classes with bidirectional one to one association:

class Domain2 {
  static belongsTo = [domain1:Domain1]

  String val21
  String val22

class Domain1 {

  String val11
  String ...

5. grails - how to save ArrayList in db

i use grails-1.3.2 and hbase plugin. I have some difficulty in creating one-to-Many association with hbase (i can work with hibernate), so i decided to try create one-to-Many association with using ArrayList. Here are ...

6. hbase - how to change tables structure without drop tables

enter code herei use grails-1.3.2 and gorm-hbase-0.2.4 plugin. Sometimes i need to change tables structure(add new tables or columns). I have created Car table:

class Car{
    static belongsTo = ...