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1. Best way to store hirarchical data in hbase    stackoverflow.com

I have a hierarchical XML file received from client, i need to store it in Hbase database, as i am new to the Hbase i not able to understand how to ...

2. java.io.EOFException when trying to run examples on HBase standalone    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to run this example: https://github.com/larsgeorge/hbase-book/blob/master/ch03/src/main/java/client/PutExample.java, from this book: http://ofps.oreilly.com/titles/9781449396107/, on a standalone HBase installation. Starting HBase works fine and the shell is accessible, but when ...

3. I need to write 10 million data from Hbase to a CSV file. What can be used to write the data in a faster rate?    stackoverflow.com

Is there any way we can implement writing data in short amount of time? Thanks in advance.