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1. hbase: error in starting master

I'm getting the following error while starting the hbase master: Problem binding to / : Cannot assign requested address does anyone know what's wrong with hbase?

2. Hbase 0.20.6 Can not start master exception

I'm using Hbase 0.20.6 with Hadoop 0.21.0 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and I got can't start master error. (The error is attached at the end of the post from the hbase-root-master-ubuntu.log ...

3. how to establish the RegionServer of Hbase to master

Please tell me how to establish the RegionServer of Hbase to master.
I configured 5 region servers, however, only 2 server is worked properly.

hbase(main):001:0> status
2 servers, 0 dead, 1.5000 average load

The hostname ...

4. Hbase master not able to start regionserver

I have one master and one regionserer running on one machine,now I want to add another region server to it. This new machine has all the connection config required (as in passwordless ...

5. Hbase Multiple Master issue

I am evaluating HBase Multiple master utility as I require that funtionality. I used a simple 4 machine hbase cluster with M1 as master. Now I started the Hmaster in M4 ...