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1. Hadoop Hbase: Spreading column families across tables or not

The Hbase documentation makes it clear that you should group similar columns into column families, because the physical storage is done by column family. But what does it mean to put ...

2. a Reducer per HBase table

Basically, I need to route data to the right Reducer. Each Reducer is going to be a TableReducer. I have a the following file venodor1, user1, xxxx=n venodor1, user1, xxxx=n venodor2, user2, xxxx=n venodor2, user2, xxxx=n I ...

3. How HBase partitions table across regionservers?

Please tell me how HBase partitions table across regionservers. For example, let's say my row keys are integers from 0 to 10M and I have 10 regionservers.
Does this mean that ...

4. A script that deletes all tables in Hbase

I can tell hbase to disable and delete particular tables using:

disable 'tablename'
delete 'tablename'
But I want to delete all the tables in the database without hardcoding the names of any of the ...

5. Can Hbase table be partitioned based on time?

I need to get data based on time range.Is there any way to partition hbase table based on the time range. Ex : I want data say from 9:00 to 9:05 ...

6. Unable to access HBase table

I have a cluster of 5 nodes on which I created a few tables on HBase and populated it with data. One of the nodes failed and now I am able ...

8. How hbase handle indexed table consistency with data table?

When there is high concurrency updates in index table how hbase ensure index consistency with data? that scan on index table won't see obsolete data when query primary table. For example there ...

9. Sorted results from hbase scanner

How to retrieve hbase column family "values" in any sorted order of the same? like
column family      value

10. How to read Hbase table based on two family in a Table

I want to read a HBase table based on two family like name and age. How do we do that? Thanks.

11. How can i apply LIMIT while fetching row-keys from an hbase table?

How can i apply LIMIT while fetching row-keys from an hbase table using Hbase/Stargate method? (Like first n row-keys)

12. How to copy data from one HBASE table to another secondary index HBASE table

My question is : How do i copy HBASE table to secondary index table. Please reply asap. Thanks GB

13. Read 4 tables and write into 1 Hbase Table. How?

How to Read 4 tables and write into 1 Hbase Table in one program. is it possible . Give me some sample coding. Thanks in advance

14. RejectedExecutionException when doing batched puts to an HBase table

I am trying to put rows into HBase (0.90.0) in batches of size ~ 1000 (rows) I have multiple producer threads writing data into a queue, and a single consumer thread ...

15. Divide by zero error in table split

I am splitting an hbase table(pre existing with data). This is the command i run :

./hbase org.apache.hadoop.hbase.util.RegionSplitter -c 6 task_response -r 
I get this error in the console
11/09/05 19:35:01 DEBUG util.RegionSplitter: ...

16. How can i dump hbase table in a text file?

i need to take a dump of one table in HBase and need it in a text file/csv format? I looked for scan , export and get commands in HBase shell ...

17. HBase tables not shrinking as expected

I have a stand alone instance of HBase (no hadoop) running on a single machine. It was originally at 32G, after updating some of the column definitions from the shell:

alter 'table', {NAME =>'mycol', TTL ...

18. why table and data is not inserted in hbase

I am trying hbase node module

var assert = require('assert')
  , hbase = require('hbase');

hbase({ host: 'localhost', port: 60010 })
.getTable('my_table' )
.create('my_column_family', function(err, success){

19. Hbase Map and Reduce on same table

Is it possible to map and reduce on same hbase table? For instance consider the wordcount example, I want to map each individual row of the column,reduce it and write the ...