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1. Ant Build faling with correct class path and database properties

Buildfile: C:\MyJava\workspace\springapp\build.xml
     [echo] DROP TABLES USING: org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver jdbc:hsqldb:hsql//localhost
      [sql] Executing commands
      [sql] 1 of 1 SQL statements ...

2. Databases in java

i created my build.xml folder which create the connection with database(startdb,stopdb,createtable,droptable,startManager)...i run this and he told me that he created the table when i press createtable but when i start the ...

3. HSQLDB shutdown from Ant / command-line

I am trying to write an Ant (1.8.2) script to shutdown HSQLDB (2.1.0) from the command line - basically I need to be able to shutdown HSQLDB from a Windows batch ...