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1. How to combine two result sets from one table sorted independently using one SQL query?    stackoverflow.com

This is a simplified task which I have to solve in real project. In this project data is stored in HSQLDB. Data is accessed using JDBC. I have one table:

name | flag
aa ...

2. how to query an embedded entity by using a query builder    stackoverflow.com

I've searched quite a time for an answer to this question. Following Codesmell:

public class Person {
 @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY)
 protected Integer id;

 @Column(nullable = true, length = 50)
 @Size(max = ...

3. how to confirm that jdbctemplate excuted query succesfully    stackoverflow.com

I am using hsqldb for database. i am using jdbctemplate for sqlqueries. i just want to know how i can confirm that jdbctemplate executed query successfully, as i can't see the ...