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I have two tables (renamed/refactored for illustrative purposes) with a Many-To-Many relationship in an HSQL database. I want everything to be wiped out when I delete from one side of ...

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I use hsqldb to run my unit tests that need a database access. For the moment, when I want to create a table for a specific test, I have the following code:

private ...

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My manager has asked if I can unit test the DAO using HSQL. Never having heard of it I read some and whipped up a little implementation for unit testing with ...

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Whats the best browser tool for HSQLDB databases?

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how to do adc INTEGER GENERATED BY DEFAULT IDENTITY in .sql file. adc is my coloumn name. i want this beacuse i am using tag in spring which takes a ...

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I am looking into HSQL (to embed in an app) and was expecting that the data would be saved in a myDB.data file in the filesystem
Instead after a clean shutdown (execute ...

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How can I list all sequences in a specific schema in HsqlDB 1.8? Note: HsqlDB 1.8 does NOT support the information_schema tables introduced in 2.0