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1. iBatis - select environment using XML    stackoverflow.com

I have this configuration in ibatis-config.xml

    <properties resource="collector.properties"/>
    <environments default="development">
        <environment id="development">

2. Is it possible to put myBatis (iBatis) xml mappers outside the project?    stackoverflow.com

According to the user guide i am able to use file path instead of resource:

// Using classpath relative resources
    <mapper resource="org/mybatis/builder/AuthorMapper.xml"/>

// Using url fully qualified paths

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We are using IBatis 2 in our project. If we have a namespace error or non existant Id for a sql or resultmap in the Ibatis XML, an exception is thrown ...

4. What is the MyBatis equivalent to the iBatis tag?    stackoverflow.com

I am porting some old iBatis version 2.? code and am wondering how to replace the <isParameterPresent> tag? I have read the MyBatis user guide, and know you can ...