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1. ibatis.net - isqlmapper.BeforeQuery missing in 1.6.1    stackoverflow.com

We are trying to upgrade to iBatis.Net DataMapper 1.6.1 (from 1.5.1). I am getting an error on this line: ((SqlMapDaoSession)daoManager.GetDaoSession()).SqlMap.BeforeQuery += new BeforeQueryDelegate(SqlMap_BeforeQuery); I cannot even find a reference to this BeforeQuery event ...

2. How to implement one-to-many relationships in Ibatis?    stackoverflow.com

Let's say I have this Class:

    Class A {
        int id;
        int[] b;

3. Is it possible injecting memcached in Apache iBatis?    stackoverflow.com

I've been working on a complex project using a and distribuited application that requires caching SQL queries: since I've been using iBatis framework, I'd like to use memcached - sysadmin requires ...

4. Indefinite flushInterval in iBATIS    stackoverflow.com

Does anyone know what the behavior of an iBATIS cacheModel is when flushInterval is left out, say if the cache type is MEMORY? I'm hoping that it simply leaves the ...

5. Your views about the gap between naming convention of field names in Java bean and database    stackoverflow.com

In many past projects, I observed that people tend to keep database column name as two or three words separated with '_', for example : first_name. However the same column is ...

6. Should ibatis domain class be used as javabean?    stackoverflow.com

I have a table category mapped to domain class Category using iBatis. Should I use this class as a JavaBean? The bean for product should have other attributes such as number ...

7. Reduce number of config files to as few as possible    stackoverflow.com

For most of my applications I use iBatis.Net for database access/modeling and log4Net for logging. In doing this, I need a number of *.config files for ...

8. how to check the path in web service    stackoverflow.com

I m using cxf webservices.I have a service path @Path'/summary/abc/{xyz}/name/{login}'. I want to generate some custom error message when someone give wrong url like '/summary/ab/{xyz}/na/{login}/'

9. Need help for IBatis?    stackoverflow.com

I am using IBatis for my applicaiton. I am using IBatis 1.6.1 version.I thought it can handle all operations related to DB connections. But I am having little bit concern about ...

10. iBatis - Header Detail Question    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to put some new functionality into an existing app that uses iBatis but I'm a little stuck with one of the design decisions. There is an existing class (call it ...

11. Getting stored procedure's return value with iBatis.NET    stackoverflow.com

How can I retrieve the return value of a stored procedure using iBatis.NET? The below code successfully calls the stored procedure, but the QueryForObject<int> call returns 0. SqlMap

<procedure id="MyProc" parameterMap="MyProcParameters" resultClass="int">

12. Why is log4j not behaving as expected?    stackoverflow.com

I have a co-worker who is trying to get log4j to behave as follows:

  • Log to Stdout
  • By default, disable most output
  • Show only messages from java.sql.PrepareStatement at level debug and up
He's getting caught ...

13. Guice + Quartz + iBatis    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to wire together Guice (Java), Quartz scheduler and iBatis (iBaGuice) to do the following:

  1. Start command line utility-scanner using main()
  2. Periodically scan directory (provided as argument) for files containing ...

14. Can a JMock mock object return another mock object?    stackoverflow.com

I'm writing tests for an application using the iBatis DAO framework. The app is running in a java 1.4 environment, so I'm using legacy versions of everything (JDK 1.4, JUnit3, iBatis ...

15. How to use stored procedure or function in iBatis 3 (with annotation)    stackoverflow.com

I want to use Oracle stored procedure or function via 'iBATIS 3 for Java' with annotation. But I can't find any sample codes. Can anyone help me? I need a simple sample code. ...

16. ibatis domain modelling    stackoverflow.com

I am working on the domain model for a project. I have a class named user that has a class named UserType as one of the properties. I know when ...

17. Does a library exist with Joda Time / iBATIS integration classes?    stackoverflow.com

It looks like I have to implement com.ibatis.sqlmap.client.extensions.TypeHandlerCallback for both DateTime and LocalDateTime Joda types. This isn't a big deal, but if it's implemented somewhere else I'd rather just use ...

18. How To: Dynamically-defined properties in Java    stackoverflow.com

How can I define some properties dynamically in Java. For now, I'm using a properties file, but I need to change these properties before installation, so these properties should be set ...

19. How do I go about setting up BoneCP for use in Ibatis?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to setup iBatis to use boneCP for my JDBC. I haven't tried changing my code yet I'm just curious how I would need to go about doing it. I haven't ...

20. How to get a sorted result in iBatis?    stackoverflow.com

I have a table mgr_employee with 2 columns managerName, teamEmployee.
Although I do a sort in sql I get unsorted resultMap in java.
How can I get a sorted map? Why does ...

21. IBATIS - Stored procedure timeout    stackoverflow.com

i have this procedure statement

<procedure id="InsertIOs" parameterMap="InsertIOsParams">


    <parameterMap id="InsertIOsParams">
      <parameter ...

22. ibatis - where to place the tag?    stackoverflow.com

I have the map config file like this

<sqlMap ..............>

      <typeAlias ......../>


23. ibatis - cannot set cacheModel    stackoverflow.com

I want to set cacheModel on an insert and i do it like this:

<select id="SelectAll_Cache" resultClass="SN" cacheModel="cache-select-all">
    <include refid="GetAll_SN"/>

<cacheModel id="cache-select-all" implementation="LRU" readOnly="false" serialize="true">
    <flushInterval hours="24"/>

24. Question related to Ibatis    stackoverflow.com

How to use stored procedure in ibatis.. I am new to ibatis.. pl help Thanks in advance

25. iBatis SqlMapClient and thread safety    stackoverflow.com

I know the API state "A thread safe client for working with your SQL Maps", but I want to understand how it works a little better and was wondering if anyone ...

26. IBatis + Java: Retrieving HashMap    stackoverflow.com

How can I retrieve a HashMap using IBatis. I have a select for two values, and I want to maps this in a key-value map. Someone has faced the same problem? Thanks ...

27. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.ibatis.common.resources.Resources    stackoverflow.com

When i try to hit ibatis, i get following exception. Whatis the issue. which jar has this class. file? 7/31/10 18:48:11:917 GMT+05:30] 0000001f SystemErr R java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.ibatis.common.resources.Resources [7/31/10 18:48:11:917 ...

28. How to call PL/SQL procedure in Ibatis from java    stackoverflow.com

I have written a PLSQL stored procedure , i want to call the procedure and return the resultset back to the java in a hashmap or arraylist format . I ...

29. Ibatis + j2ee + web service layer + statless bean    stackoverflow.com

I have a j2ee project using ibatis to connect to the database and stateless bean to create web service and it works but i have a doubt every time i call the ...

30. iBATIS - Defining 'javaType' and 'jdbcType'    stackoverflow.com

While defining the resultMap in iBatis, it provides an option to set the javaType and jdbcType for each property to column mapping. e.g.

<resultMap id="employee" class="com.mycompany.Employee">
   <result property="firstName" column="first_name" javaType="?" ...

31. In IBatis, can I include a SqlMapConfig in another SqlMapConfig?    stackoverflow.com

I'd like to include a SqlMapConfig in another SqlMapConfig. For example:

  <settings useStatementNamespaces="true"/>
  <sqlMap resource="some-other-sql-map-config.xml" />
  <sqlMap resource="mapper.sql" />
Although this compiles fine, from within the "mapper.sql" I ...

32. iBatis skip value too large resulting in slow response    stackoverflow.com

Thanks in advance for your input. I use the skip parameter in iBatis in my DAO, using SQLMapClient for getting 1000 records at a time based on user request. So when ...

33. Ibatis - QueryforList    stackoverflow.com

Hi This might be basic question but I am new to Ibatis. queryForList will return list of which objects? Generally for queryForObject we define a resultMap but no such map is defined ...

34. How many data object layers is a good practice?    stackoverflow.com

We have a medium sized Java server that has data flowing in the following way: SQL Database -> Data Layer -> Business Layer -> XML Serialization It's important to note, that the data ...

35. How to call function over data being passed in ibatis    stackoverflow.com

I need to call a internal function say 'calculateValue(value)' which returns some string based on the value passed.

<select id="calculateValue" resultClass="java.lang.String" parameterClass="java.lang.String">
  SELECT calculateValue(#value#) FROM SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1
the above query returns the below ...

36. custom TypeHandler not working in iBatis.Net?    stackoverflow.com

Hey, I have problems using custom TypeHandler in iBatis.Net. basicly, UserEntity.Id is a string property, but in sql server it's guid (uniqueindentifier?). I wrote a custom typehandler to automatically handling this. My StringGUID typeHandler:

public ...

37. Problem Ibatis and SqlIjection with Fotify    stackoverflow.com

i have a problem. For first i have this code: update $table$ ...

38. Ibatis and polling database    stackoverflow.com

I would like to use IBatis for polling 3 legacy databases for new rows and insert into a new database. But our customers don't allow me to insert one "status" column ...

39. Ibatis - polling DB and ActiveMQ    stackoverflow.com

I have a question. I would like to poll a local db table for new rows using ibatis, send message to remote ActiveMQ via internet and then update "status column" to ...

40. Creating dynamic where clause in ibatis    stackoverflow.com

I am developing a search UI for where User will provide column names, operator, value and sort order for where clause dynamically and search. I have to dynamically create query with ...

41. Cannot get logging output from iBATIS.NET    stackoverflow.com

My application is using the iBATIS.NET Data Mapper version 1.6.3. A recent modification is causing a SqlException and I would like to see the query that it is trying to ...

42. How to use a parameterized class as resultClass in iBATIS    stackoverflow.com

We have the following class

public class TemporalData<T> {
    private T data;
    private String opCode;
    private Date updateTime;
    // getters, ...

43. Adressing array index in iBATIS 2    stackoverflow.com

It's possibile to adress an array by index in a sqlmap? What I want is:

class A {
  String[] foo = {"",""};

<resultMap id="someResultMap" class="A">
    <result property="foo[0]" column="COLUMN_Y" />

44. Does iBATIS 2.3.x support foreach tag?    stackoverflow.com

I have a personal website which uses iBATIS 2.3.x. Recently I'm adding a complex searching feature to the site, need to query the data by a list of object, likes:

public Class ...

45. WCF App Needs to be "Kick-started" by Cohabiting Web App    stackoverflow.com

I'm dealing with a rather bizarre problem here and looking to see if anyone could offer a tip. The Problem: When I try to consume the service from my local C# ...

46. Ibatis as persistenz framework for RESTful Webservice    forums.netbeans.org

Hi, i have to set up a Java Web Project with Ibatis as persistenz framework and with the jersey RESTful Webservice. I use the Ibator tool to generate the Java Classes. ...

47. about com.ibatis.common.resources.getResourceAsReader    coderanch.com

/******************************************************************************* * $Header$ * $Revision$ * $Date$ * TestResource.java * * * Copyright (c) 2001-2006 Primeton Technologies, Ltd. * All rights reserved. * * Created on 2009-11-27 *******************************************************************************/ package com.eshore.itsm.agent.test; import java.io.File; import java.io.IOException; import com.ibatis.common.resources.Resources; /** * * @author Butcher */ public class TestResource { /** *@param args */ public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub ...

48. ibatis problem on axis2    coderanch.com

Try this URL http://www.5341.com/msg/197521.html Overall speaking put all your class, xml and jar into Axis2\WEB-INF but NONE of them in aar file. This breaks the Axis2 module isolation but it is not a very useful feature at real-world deployment. Axis2 is a pure-engineering product (just look at all the buzz words they create), they never realize how the real world works. ...

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