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1. ibatis problem using whilst iterating over a List

I'm new to iBatis and I'm struggling with the and elements. I want to iterate over a List of Book instances (say) that are passed in as a HashMap: MyParameters. ...

2. What is the best way to iterate over a large result set in JDBC/iBatis 3?

We're trying to iterate over a large number of rows from the database and convert those into objects. Behavior will be as follows:

  • Result will be sorted by sequence id, a new ...

3. In Ibatis, how does one write a nested Iterate tag to loop through a two-dimensional array?

I was troubleshooting the following code and was unable to find an answer, so I figured I would document my solution. The problem was:

<iterate property="twoDimArray" prepend="and (" close=")" conjunction="or">

4. Iterate List in Ibatis

How to Iterate List in Ibatis. query is: delete from table where (column1='tes10' and column2='NET1' and column3='ENG1') OR ...

5. Java : Iterating a Set in ibatis

I have a Set attribute in the model object.

    class AA{

        Set x;
But when I try to ...