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1. How to map a stored package function in iBatis?

I am presently using

<parameterMap class="map" id="param1">
    <parameter property="result" jdbcType="BOOLEAN" javaType="boolean" mode="OUT"/>
    <parameter property="arg1" jdbcType="VARCHAR" mode="IN"/>
    <parameter property="resultCode" jdbcType="INTEGER" javaType="int" mode="OUT"/>

<procedure id="contAvail" ...

2. Mapping to a Stored Procedure using iBatis issues!

I'm fairly new to ibatis and have to call a stored procedure which I need to pass in the following parameters

pi_decision_id int
pi_login_id uniqueidentifier
pi_search_id uniqueidentifier
pi_outcome_name uniqueidentifier
pi_decision_log uniqueidentifier
pi_test_dataset_id uniqueidentifier
pi_is_default bit
pi_primary_rule_id int
test_exec_id uniqueidentifier
The mapping ...

3. Do any techniques exist for visualizing (or at least documenting) iBatis Mappings?

For those who have used iBatis - what techniques or tools do you typically use to visualize the data mappings between declarative XML, database tables / procedures, and Java objects? I ...

4. How to get Nested java.util.Map iBatis

I have a table called properties and it has got three columns.. 1) Module Name 2) Property Name 3) Property Value How do I get a Map in such a way that Outer Map's key ...

5. Mapping multiple out params to a target object using IBatis for Java

I am using IBatis for Java (ibatis2-2.3.4) I have a procedure which I am calling which takes 1 IN param and 4 OUT params. I have configured this in my IBatis ...

6. How to map a myBatis result to multiple objects?

Is it possible in myBatis 3 to map a single result to multiple objects, ensuring that the objects all reference the same instance? Is there an example of this I could ...