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1. iBatis multiple parameter mapper method

Let's say I have a query getUser with two parameters - userName and password. I'd like to have a mapper method looking like this:

public UserBean getUser(String userName, String password);
Is there any ...

2. Unchecked Overriding when defining a base mapper for mybatis?

I'm trying to define a base mapper interface for MyBatis. I've tried this:

public interface IMapper<T> {
    <T> T select(int id);

public interface FooMapper extends IMapper<Foo>{

3. Ibatis/MyBatis select dynamically without need to create any Pojo / Mapper

Is there any way to select/update/delete dynamically using Ibatis/MyBatis? When I say "dynamically" it means I don't want to create any POJO/DataMapper at all. Any URL example would be welcomed.

4. ibatis enum mapper

I would like to create a generic ibatis enum mapper.I understand I need to create a typeHandler like typeHandler javaType="Color" callback="TypeHandler"/ my problem is I do not want to create a separate ...