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1. iBatis 3 not backward compatible?

  1. Does anyone know why the API is not backward compatible?
  2. Is it still thread safe?
  3. Anyone know of any migration document from 2.x to 3.x?

2. How to deploy axis2 + MyBatis

I am trying to do webservice (I am quite new in Webservice under java). I am using netbeans. Axis2 is having problem trying to locate the the xml configuration file for ...

3. how to get colmn metdata in mybatis

I need to get the list of columns in a table using mybatis/ibatis in java 1.5.

4. How do you use ibatis in a service oriented architecture efficienty?

We have several services, each of which should ideally operate independently of each other. The primary use of the services is to support our webapp. We are searching for ...

5. In which state is MyBatis' (iBatis) Abator? Is there any other tool?

I stumbled accross Abator @ by chance, which promises to be a code generator for myBatis (iBatis) mapping files. Looks promising, but I cannot find any information about ...

6. myBatis Generator - how to generate only select/update/insert/delete SQLs?

My config file is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE generatorConfiguration PUBLIC "-// MyBatis Generator Configuration 1.0//EN" "" >
<generatorConfiguration >
  <context id="context1" >
    <jdbcConnection driverClass="oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" connectionURL="jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:xe" userId="system" password="system" ></jdbcConnection>

7. MyBatis - how to create w dynamic WHERE Clause

The service gets an unknown object containing a list of three values ??[column, operator, value] For example, EMAIL - like - "TEST" Based on the resulting list to build the WHERE clause I ...

8. MyBatis 3.0.5 and mappers loading problem

I'm using MyBatis 3.0.5 and I have problems about the loading of mappers as resources. I'm on Windows 7 64, I use Eclipse Indigo 64bit and jdk7 64. MyBatis is initialized ...

9. ibatis / mybatis caching within a restful webservice

I am using mybatis within a Jax-RS (Jersey) restful web app. So automatically, I dont have a session or state management. Question is how can I use the caching features of mybatis ...

10. Using MyBatis to call stored procedures which have boolean(s) as input paramters

I think my title clearly expresses the sentiment. I have like

create or replace
PROCEDURE      my_proc    (
   // other stuff

11. Communication between Multiple Instances of iBatis

I have two instances of iBatis in the same application: Instance 1: Used for utility operations in database for example I have module here in this like User Managment, News Management, Ads ...