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1. MapReduce returns NaN

I have a M/R function, and I get NaN as a value for some of the results. I dont have any experience with JS. Im escaping JS using Java Drivers.

String map ...

2. How to store values in MONGO DB using JAVA?

I want to make a blog post in my web application. Initially I was using mysql as DB. In which i will get the post entered in the text area of ...

3. Where to write and store mongoDB map/reduce functions in java project

Does anyone have any advice, or know of any best practice for where and how in a Java project to write and store javascript map/reduce functions for use with a MongoDB ...

4. Loading arbitrary javascript into Mongo through Java, to be called later

It is simple to embed the functions directly,

MapReduceOutput out = coll.mapReduce("function() { ... }", 
"function( year, values ) { ... }", 
null, MapReduceCommand.OutputType.INLINE, null);
But if I have a .js file like ...