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1. Java Driver.getConnection() yields "Connection Refused" from mysql on live system, not dev

Pretty straightforward stuff, here -- I'm just not good enough with mysql to understand what it wants from me. I've got a short java test-case that opens a connection on mysql on ...

2. mysql driver jar not being recognized

I have an token class file in an jar file. The token class files is the class that uses jdbc to retrieve data from the database. However when I ...

3. ClassNotFoundException com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

This question might have asked here number of times . After doing some google search for the above error and doing some update, I can't understand why I'm still getting that ...

4. Is MySQL JDBC driver compliant with the JDBC spec?

I am using Connector/J 5.1.10 as the JDBC driver for my Database application (which uses MySQL). I have found that although the default ResultSet returned by a Statement is of type TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY, ...

5. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

I am trying to connect to mysql database using java on windows7. Inspite of adding the complete url of jdbcdriver jar file in CLASSPATH, java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver is thrown. Could anyone tell me ...

6. XA vs. Non-XA JDBC Driver Performance?

We are using an XA JDBC driver in a case where it is not required (read-only work that doesn't participate in a distributed transaction). Just wondering if there are any known ...

7. Java - JDBC driver and MySQL database connection issues

Ok - I found the driver version that goes with the database.. however now I get the following.

Got an exception! Communications link failure due to underlying exception: ...

8. Do MySql Connector J JDBC drivers not support connection pooling?

Does Connector J really not support connection pooling. Looking at their documentation I have to download a 3rd party library such as DBCP or c3p0 to get this right. What is ...

9. Connecting to MySql on Mac: No suitable driver error

I am getting the error: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver I have imported the .jar file that is available here I am using Eclipse. I am connecting to the DB with this ...

10. mysql jdbc driver does not support delimiters in triggers with multiple statements

i've got some code that is triggering a syntax error because of some misplaced semicolons. if this was running on the command line, i'd solve this with a delimiter. unfortunately, the ...

11. java web app run in netbeans - SQLException: No suitable driver

I am trying to run an application developed on another machine where it was perfectly running, so it should have something to do with the configurations on the machine I am ...

12. MySQL JDBC driver & FLOAT(N, M) column type

I've recently got a bug that's somewhat weird for me. Let's consider that we have a table with a column of FLOAT(8, 3). Let's also consider we have a validated table ...

13. Getting a CommunicationsException in MySQL Driver when not logged in as Administrator

we're programming a software for economic calculation. We use Java 6, the Swing Application Framework, MySQL 5.1, JDBC and Hibernate (JDBC is just for an initial connection-test). We deployed that application on ...

14. How to test if JDBC driver is installed correctly and if the DB can be connected?

I tried installing this at home along with Java SDK... The SDK worked fine and I can now use the command prompt to compile java programs into classes... However I am unsure ...

15. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

I am getting this error when compiling my java program

  java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
Then I knew that I should add the path of "mysql-connector-java-3.1.14-bin.jar" to the java classpath. I am using windows ...

16. class not found exception for com.mysql.jdbc.Driver not a classpath problem

I've been working on this for weeks, and now I'm just running in circles. I'm getting the runtime error: " class not found exception in [class] while getting connection com.mysql.jdbc.Driver ". The ...

17. Java: Netbeans - no suitable driver found for jdbc mysql (after building and cleaning the project)

In Netbeans I've selected the 'build and clean' option on my project, however if I move the .jar file from the /dist folder, I get this error:
"Error: not suitable driver ...

18. JDBC Type 4 Driver

According to the MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual, the MySQL JDCB Connector/J is a "Type 4" driver. The method I'm using to connect to the JDBC ...

19. JDBC Driver in OSGI (Eclipse IDE)

I am having some problems with getting my OSGI programs to recognzie/utilize the mysql jdbc driver. I have a bundle that is speficcally for entering data into a mysql database. I have ...

20. JDBC driver problem in OSGI

I am trying to have an OSGI bundle access a MYSQL DB, using Eclipse as my IDE (Windows 7 x64). I am able to load the jdbc connector. The actual .jar ...

21. Datanucleus + OSGi (Equinox) gives error No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/jdoosgitest

I am trying to use datanucleus jdo implementation inside the osgi environment but I am constantly getting error : No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/jdoosgitest I have been following the link

22. no suitable driver found calling getConnection

I'm using MySQL 5.5 with its defaults. I created a user/password and ran a script creating a database called employees. Through the command prompt I can access the database:

mysql -u ...

23. Database Driver connection problems in JDBC

I am developing an app in Java with Netbeans 6.9.1 as the IDE. I use a MySQL database, and connect to it using JDBC. I have a curious problem. Class.forName() does not throw ...

24. What is the jdbc driver "" for?

After taking over a coworker's project I noticed he was using "" as the jdbc driver for MySQL 5 instead of the more common one "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver". They both are contained ...

25. Jar file cannot find the com.mysql.jdbc driver

I am trying to make a application in java which connects to a mysql database. For this purpose I downloaded the mysql-connector-java-5.1.16-bin.jar connector. I also added the path of the above jar ...

26. I can't load the JDBC driver for MySQL

I've been trying to load the JDBC MySQL connector with the following code:

import java.sql.*;

public class dbTest{
   public static void main(String[] args) throws SQLException, ClassNotFoundException

27. Java Mysql: ClassNotFoundException -> Could not find driver

Possible Duplicate:
ClassNotFoundException com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
I have included the mysql-connector-java-5.1.16-bin.jar into my Eclipse library, this code is based on tutorials that I have found on the web ...

28. Mysql JDBC driver ClassNotFoundException

I can't register Mysql JDBC driver in my desktop APP I download Unzip mysql-connector-java-5.1.16-bin.jar and put it into lib folder in my app Add this jar file into Build Path in Eclipse But Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver") ...

29. JDBC/Connectorj: When to load drivers?

I was wondering what is the 'correct' way to load drivers for my Java servlet. Currently, I have a InitializeDrivers() function that I call at the beginning of my application.

public static boolean ...

30. Struggling with - Class not found exception: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver in JAVA

In Netbeans ide 7.0, I am facing this particular problem. I wrote the following line of code in my program Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver").newInstance(); This particular line is throwing an exception. And when I connected the ...

31. No suitable driver found for mysql (Remote debugging)

Hi i have found a seemingly common problem, i cant interact with a mysql db. This no suitable driver found keeps happening. I have followed most threads on this same question, ...

32. Java Connect to database Error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Hey stupid question but I'm having a hard time connecting my java program to a mysql database. Throwing an exception when I hit this line.

The driver name is com.mysql.jdbc.Driver. ...

33. do i have to write Class.forname("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver") in every method in java?

While writing an application that interacts with a database the only way I can get it to work is if I write Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver") in every method that interacts with the database. Is ...

34. MYSQL To prevent a memory leak, the JDBC Driver has been forcibly unregistered

I am using Factory Design pattern for Databse Connectivity. I have design one application in Servet and JSP. I have use jdk1.6 and Tomcat apache-tomcat-6.0.29. and MySQL 5. I have got ...

35. cant connect to jdbc driver mysql

while i am trying to connect to mysql database using java class i am getting this error plz help i have set the CLASSPATH: C:\mysql-connector-java-5.0.8\mysql-connector-java-5.0.8.jar

    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

36. Java MySQL missing driver?

I'm trying to make my program read/write in a database. I found this sample code to connect which compiles without problems: "" but Im having issues running it. Whenever I execute I get ...

37. classpath, eclipse and java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

I have seen & read over 10 similar questions but am still unable to figure it out. I am using windows7 / Eclipse Helios Service Release 1 / mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar. Everything worked until yesterday, ...

38. Using MySQL 3.x and 5.x simultaneously from Java

How can I use MySQL 3.x and MySQL 5.x simultaneously from my Java application if the two versions need different versions of JDBC drivers but the driver class name is the ...

39. JDBC/MSQL: No suitable driver found for 'jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mysql

I get this error when attempting to connect.

java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for 'jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mysql at
java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(Unknown Source)
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(Unknown Source)
at MyTest1.main(
I'm using driver mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin.jar. It's in my build path. I ...

40. JDBC Connection and testing error

I tried to run this code but it gave me numerous errors, and How do I know my Own

 import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
import java.sql.*;
public class JdbcConnection{

    static String userid="root", password ...

41. Fail to establish the MySQL JDBC driver

Hello everybody, My problem is related to the use of the Connector JDBC for My SQL. In Netbeans, the driver appears and I can connect to my databases. When I try ...

42. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Hello, I'm novice and i'm trying to create application with nebeans 6.9.1 to connect to mysql. on service tab i could connect to my database and i can see my tables and ... but the problem is that when i want to connect to database programmatically i faced this error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver I used Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); and also i add the mysql ...

43. Class [com.mysql.jdbc.Driver] not found in NetBeans Application

williamjwayne Joined: 20 Mar 2011 Posts: 8 Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:54 am Post subject: Class [com.mysql.jdbc.Driver] not found in NetBeans Application I am doing the NetBeans tutorial entitled: NetBeans Platform CRUD Application Tutorial [requires NetBeans 7.0] and following it exactly except that I'm not using the Java DB database. Instead I'm using MySQL Server 5.5 and ...

44. regd. com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Dear all, I set the jdbc jar in classpath, but unable to get the output. Following is the information from the log file. Couldnot find the reason. Please help me me in debugging. 2009/07/30 14:55:51 INFO - jmeter.util.JMeterUtils: Setting Locale to en_US 2009/07/30 14:55:51 INFO - jmeter.JMeter: Loading user properties from: E:\jakarta-jmeter-2.3.3\bin\ 2009/07/30 14:55:51 INFO - jmeter.JMeter: Loading ...

45. where to put my jdbc driver to mysql?

Hi, I am a student working on J2EE enviroment using JSP and MySQL. I am using a Webserver JRun 4 and eventually everything is working but I cannot access my database file because it asking me for JDBC driver. As far as I know I have place JDBC driver in every folder but it still don't pick up my JDBC Driver ...

46. Mysql Driver???

I have mysql running on my system and I was able to create table and insert data into it.I have Tomcat installed on my system but have no idea how to access the data from tables which are created in Mysql database from JSP. Does someone has a code snippet to access the data from Mysql database from JSP, If yes ...

47. driver for mysql

48. MySQL JDBC driver

51. Tomcat4 cann't find MySQL driver

HI, Just brining this up tio the top again as I still haven't found the solution. As far as I can see the MySQL dirver has to be in the classpath for Sun's JSWDK-1.0 server to work ( and it does ), so why can't Tomcat find it? Anyone out there see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, ------------------ Terry Doyle Sun ...

52. Error when using mm.mysql.driver

54. JDBC Driver for MySQL

56. JDBC_MySQL - Driver not possible to load

I want to connect MySQL with Java. To compile the Java- application is no problem. But to execute the application is not possible, I always get the message that the driver cannot be found. I use a type 4 driver (for MySQL) from TcXDatakonsultAB. (From the installation instructions) I've used Class.forName("twz1.jdbc.mysql.jdbcMysqlDriver"); and the URL jdbc:z1MySQL: . I also tried several different ...

57. problem setting up mm.mysql driver

58. mysql driver????

59. mySql Driver - ClassNotFoundException

If you are using windows 98/ME - have you then added the driver and a . to the CLASSPATH in autoexec.bat, and restarted your PC? If windows NT/2000/XP - then you should have added the driver and a . to the CLASSPATH in your 'Environment Variables'. You can also just use the -classpath option when you compile/run the code (e.g. javac ...

60. JDBC Driver for Mysql database


62. Multiple newInstance() for mySql driver

We covered a similar question in this thread and I decided in that case it wasn't a good idea. Your situation is slightly different, in that I don't believe each call will cause the driver to be registered, all you will be doing is creating an instance that is never used. ie there is a small waste of memory invloved but ...

63. MySQL Beginner Has Problem With Loading JDBC Driver

Hi, I am having problem with loading JDBC driver, and need your diagnotic help. 1. I have installed MySQL (C:\mysql), created a databse (soup), and created a little table (VIDEOS). I am able to see the table in the console: sql>select * from videos 2. I have downloaded the latest version of Connector/J (, and unzip the zip file into my ...

64. stange problem with MySql driver

Hi I recently installed a driver for connecting to MySql . The driver comprised of just one dll that is the odbc3.dll . i regestered that dll in my system but still could not connect . I then downloaded the corresponding jar file( and included in my class path ... it worked . Now the thing is that i need to ...

65. "Unable to Load Driver" - MySQL

I have a JDBC connection running ok on my own machine, and I've been transferring it over to the company server. I seem to have everything in place, put the thing breaks down on my Db connection. I'm using a MySQL db with the mm.mysql-2.0.11 driver. I'm using the Jakarta-tomcat3.3 webserver. The problem happens here: try { Class.forName("").newInstance(); } catch (Exception ...

66. connecting to mysql and driver

67. mysql driver classpath How to plz?

68. mysql driver problem

You will need to create an instance of the driver The syntax looks like: Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver").newInstance(); This is in the readme that is part of the MySQL jar file. You should be able to extract it and there's a lot of useful information in there... Having said that, however, I am also experiencing a similar problem - the newInstance method is failing. ...

69. mySQL driver problem jvm WindowsXP, tried everything!! - please help!!!

Thanks for looking at this post. I am a java newbie and thought I had things under control, however, guess not, and any of the postings that make sense have things I had already applied. I am using Windows XP and I am using the JVM and a simple class to test a mySQL connection. I have downloaded the mysql-connector-java-3.0.10-stable-bin.jar and ...

71. Best Driver for MySQL DB

I cannot give you an answer on your question, but it makes me curious as to why you mention it is not stable. Can you explain what is not stable in jconnector. Furhter if you cannot find another one you can always override / rewrite it, since the code is included in the jar.

72. Mysql driver suddenly won't load in eclipse

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum or not for this... I'm reatively new to eclipse, but I had it working for a few weeks with mysql. Suddenly, my code cannot load the database driver for mysql, ie Class.forName("comm.mysql.jdbc.Driver").newInstance(); throws an exception. I must have done something to eclipse to make this happen but I'm not sure what. When ...

73. JDBC MySql Driver problem

74. problem with JDBC driver for MySQL

Hi, Few things to look at: 1. your driver jar file might not be in your classpath. 2. If you do have the driver jar file in your path, then you might be using the wrong name check for spelling mistakes. 3. If you don't have the driver, try to find one for the required db. I hope this helps. -DV ...

75. JDBC driver support for MySQL

I have checked classpath and all such basic things, the problem is not that, all te hude codebase works with MySQL 4.0.12 on one server and 4.0.14 on another server. I am figuring out if there are some compatibility issues with this version of JDBC drivers with MySQL 4.1.8. I am unable to obtain connection with existing working code when it ...

76. problem with MySQL driver

Jeanne, is correct. You should only need to add the MySQL driver when you try to run your application. My mistake. I am completely new to Eclipse, so bare with me. I believe on the main tool bar, there is a "Run" option. From there if you choose "Run..." and then choose the run as "Java Application" configuration, then click the ...

79. MySQL db - migrating from Access (but where is the driver?!)

Hi All, I have recently migrated from MS-Access to MySQL (recommendation of this forum) anyway, it works fine with my IDE (conn to db is working) but not when I "JAR" the java class and run it from the command line (I get: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver). Now, when I used MS Access db I 'showed' the computer that the database I'm talking about ...

80. MySQL driver problem?

Hi Guys I am using the mysql-connector-java-3.1.7-bin.jar for my JDBC connection to my database and i am having a strange problem when executing a query. It does not seem to pay attention to my 'order by' clauses. I will do a print-out of the prepare statement before i execute it and i will get one result, then i'll paste it into ...

81. JDBC MySQL Driver Connection

I designed a user interface using java and at this point I am trying to connect it to a mySQL database on my computer just for development purposes. After that is complete I will be putting the database on a server and running it from there. In the meantime I can't seem to find the right url to put into the ...

82. com.mysql.jdbc.Driver response

83. MySQL drivers

Using the following: protected void testDriver ( ) { String drivers = "nada"; try { Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver").newInstance(); } catch ( java.lang.ClassNotFoundException e ) { System.out.println("MySQL JDBC Driver not found ... "); } catch (IllegalAccessException ex) { System.out.println("Illegal Access"); } catch (InstantiationException ex) { System.out.println("Instantiation problem"); } System.out.println("Midway drivers are " + drivers); try { drivers = (String) new"jdbc.drivers")); } catch ...

84. installing mySQL driver

85. MySql Driver

86. JDBC driver for MySQL 5?

Originally posted by Unnsse Khan: Hello, I am using MySQL 5 on OS X Tiger... Does anyone know where I can download the JDBC Driver for MySQL 5? The MySQL web site has a very cumbersome search engine. All the best! Just download the recommmended 3.1 version of JConnector from the site. As far as I am aware there are ...

88. configuring jdbc driver fo mysql

i need to connect jsp page and mysql using apache web server. i used mysql driver to connect to my database.but it throws exception that class not found.i need help to configure driver for mysql the steps to follow to create driver and to copy the jar file to which directory of apache in unix. please help me

89. mysql driver

But this is a database server, that you should be refering to, not a file. When you talk to a web app, you need to get the browser to talk to the server even if that server is running on the local computer, Sure, you could access the files directly, but it wouldn't work. Same with MySQL. This is not MSAccess. ...

90. MySQL driver not getting registered

Hi, My server application is deployed on Resin 3.0 and the database is MySQL. I am using MySQL Connector/J 3.1 JDBC driver for connecting to MySQL database. I have tried setting the system properties and then calling DriverManager.getConnection() method for establishing connection. I have also tried calling Class.forName( dbDriver ).newInstance() and then calling DriverManager.getConnection() method for establishing connection. In both cases ...

91. Resolved "" ClassNot...

I have simply placed my "mysql-connector-java-3.1.12-bin.jar" file inside my projects WEB-INF/lib folder and It worked without concern to classPath itself. But this seems to be very clumpsy, each time we have to paste that jar in lib folder. Its better to set classpath for once. can any one please tell me how to set it in "Linux-Fedora Core 4". Regards: Sagri. ...

92. Memory leak with MySQL JDBC driver

I have a problem with memory usage on my application. A short introduction to my app: The application collects data from a number of MySQL servers (we call these dbs external) and puts the data into one single database (MySQL, we call this db local). The collection should be done periodically. These two classes are of intrest: - Fetcher. Upon creation ...

93. Driver name for mysql

94. mysql drivers

95. MySQL Error - no driver

The message is no suitable driver. Did you check if the mysql driver is compatible with with your mysql version. Is it tested in a standalone program without Tomcat. I had once the same problem, which was solved by putting the right JDBC-driver. Also check if in Tomcat there is no cross reference to a different driver, but I understand this ...

96. Cannot load JDBC driver class 'com.mysql.jdbc.Driver'

While configuring the datasource, the driver jar (mysql connector/j in this case) should be placed only in the TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib directory and nowhere else. If you have the same jar in WEB-INF/lib or the jre extension directory, this problem is encountered. The solution is to remove the jars from all other places and keep it only in the common/lib directory of Tomcat. ...

98. Error : com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

99. MySql Driver

The MySQL site can be a little overwhelming, especially if you're a newbie. I'm not a huge fan of their navigation structure, although I am a big fan of their products. I actually just downloaded MySQL 5.01, and did a video on how to set MySQL up, along with the driver and the GUI tools. I'll have it on youtube shortly. ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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