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1. MySQL Inserting large data sets from file with Java

I need to insert about 1.8 million rows from a CSV file into a MySQL database. (only one table) Currently using Java to parse through the file and insert each line. As ...

2. Can't insert byte[] into MySQL using java

Following is the code I have used:

byte[] bkey = key.getEncoded();
String query = "INSERT INTO keytable (name, key) VALUES (?,?)";
PreparedStatement pstmt = (PreparedStatement) connection.prepareStatement(query);
pstmt.setString(1, "test");
pstmt.setBytes(2, bkey);
And following is an error I got:
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: ...

3. Do I need to synchronize if I have multiple threads that will insert to MySQL?

I'll be using a multi-threaded Java program to insert new records to a table in MySQL. Is it necessary to synchronize for this? Or is it OK since each ...

4. create and insert values using mysql JDBC

I have the sample code.

public void UpdateTable1() {
    for (int t = 0; t < 20; t++) {

        if (consumer == ...

5. Improve mysql JDBC insert call

i have a legacy Java system that every time it gets an order it makes a JDBC call to a stored procedure for each field in the order. Generally the ...

6. inserting datetimes into database using java

I am wanting to insert a datetime into a MySql data base using Java and a prepared statement:

Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();
PreparedStatement stmnt = db.PreparedStatement("INSERT INTO Run " +

7. JDBC batch insert performance

I need to insert a couple hundreds of millions of records into the mysql db. I'm batch inserting it 1 million at a time. Please see my code ...

8. Characterset problem while inserting into mysql database from java application

I have written a application that parses the html code of some web pages. My problem is with inserting that data into my mysq database. So for example i want to ...

9. Insert a lot of data into database in very small inserts

So i have a database where there is a lot of data being inserted from a java application. Usualy i insert into table1 get the last id, then again insert into ...

10. Java + Mysql UTF8 Problem

as the title said, I have a problem between java and mysql The mysql DB, tables, and columns are utf8_unicode_ci. I have an application that took some input from an xml, then compose ...

11. When I insert 78.9 into Mysql (using JDBC) it gets rounded up to 79? Is this normal

When I insert 78.9 into Mysql (using JDBC) it gets rounded up to 79? Is this normal ... if so how can I stop this from happening. More details: Column name: num Data type: ...

12. How to insert HTML in MySQL DB using Java?

How can we insert full HTML of a webpage into my table using Java?

13. how to insert BIT values in MySQL using Java?

i am unable to add a Boolean value in Mysql how can i do so using java i have to use QueryExecuter for this perpose

14. Bulk insertion of values in MySQL

I am trying to take the output of a JAVA program consisting of an array of 12 for a bunch of different users and place them into a table. Is there ...

15. I need help on INSERT statements using JDBC

I need to use an INSERT statement, and 2 of the records in this statement are fields which are calculated in the program, and need to be added to the database.


16. Mysql & Java - Get id of the last inserted value (JDBC)

Possible Duplicate:
How to get the insert ID in JDBC?
Hi. Im using JDBC to connect on database trought java. Now, i do some insert query, ...

17. How to return ids on Inserts with mybatis in mysql with annotations

  • See this related question for Postgres. For some reason, the solution doesn't work for me - the return value of the insert statement is always "1".
  • See this other question for ...


How do I insert all records from another table using insert select?

       try {
        PreparedStatement st=dc.getConnection().prepareStatement("INSERT INTO ...

19. Insert Path of a file with \\ in mysql using java

I am making a standalone application using java,and in that i need to insert the path of the image that user chooses from file chooser. I am getting the path of the ...

20. Securely insert any html text to MySQL database and Java including ASCII

I'm having problem with a characters like ascii where you need to use alt + key number. As what I have read from some forum settings character set to UTF-8 will do. I've ...

21. Using getGeneratedKeys with batch inserts in MySQL with Connector/J

Using Connector/J, I would like to do a batch insert into a master table followed by a batch insert into a details table (PreparedStatement.executeBatch() for both). I haven't found much information ...

22. jdbc how to insert mysql SET type?

Hi I have a code for table creating:

create table clt (id bigint not null, sources set('A1', 'empty', 'A2', 'A3'), text varchar(50));
table was created successfully. now I'm trying to insert data:
java.sql.PreparedStatement stmt = null;
String ...

23. Implementing Queue for data to be inserted in the database

We are developing a vehicle tracking system in which several GPS devices keep sending their GPS locations to the server using TCP connection. The TCP communicator decodes the GPS location and ...

24. insert statement in mysql

        String myquery="INSERT INTO likestatus values(?,?)";

        PreparedStatement st1=con.prepareStatement(myquery);

25. MySql Bulk insert

I want to insert some 4K rows in the MySql db. I don't want to fire 4k 'insert' queries. Is there any way by which I can fire only one insert ...

26. iBatis SqlMapException when trying to insert data

I'm trying to use iBatis to insert some data that get sent by a user in a contact us form. I'm using a Liferay/Spring MVC/iBatis/MySQL setup but I think the problem is ...

27. Why INSERT IGNORE increments the auto_increment primary key?

I wrote a java program that accesses a MySQL innodb database. Whenever an INSERT IGNORE statement encounters a duplicate entry the Auto Increment primary key is incremented. Is this behaviour the expected? ...

28. mysql trigger not work when i insert record from java code


DROP TRIGGER insert_orderinward_trig; //

CREATE TRIGGER insert_orderinward_trig AFTER INSERT ON tblm_tlmngorderinward FOR EACH ROW

    call temp_proc(NEW.itemcode);

END; //
I write procedure as

DROP PROCEDURE temp_proc; //



29. Insert Audio File Into Mysql Database

How can we insert audio files in to MYSQL Database using JAVA DATABASE CONNECTIVITY connectivity For inserting image we use

 psmnt = conn.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO upload_data(user_id,photo) "

30. Multiple insert speed up

i'm parsing large log files (5+GB) and extracting ad-hoc placed profiling lines (call name and execution time). I want to insert those lines into a MySql db. My question is: should ...

31. How to insert data taken from user into mysql using jdbc

I'd like to get a data (e.g. name) from user and insert it into mysql using JDBC. I'm trying to do something like this:

String uName = Username.getText(); (where uName is the name ...

32. How to optimize the processing speed for inserting data using java?

I have a requirement to read an Excel file with its headers and data and create a table in a Database (MySQL) on the basis of header and put value which ...

33. how to call a java method when a record inserted in mysql database

Please tell me is it possible to call a java method or a struts action class when a record is inserted in mysql database Actuall my problem is i have 2 databases(both ...

34. Mysql + JDBC: return value of INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY does not match Mysql documentation

When I execute INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE (IODKU) in Mysql command line interface, it returns 2 rows updated, when the INSERT hits a duplicate key constraint. In JDBC it returns 3 ...

35. Java/MySQL Insert causing OutofMemory Exception

I have been designing a Java server, connected via PHP, that accepts a series of protein chains and performs computations on each of them. The computations are handled by external Perl ...

36. How to insert the output of my java application into mysql database

I am trying to write a twitter application. I crawled the twits, and I now have stored it in a folder called Twits. And in the folder, it has text files ...

37. Java Batch Insert into MySQL very slow

I have the following method in a class:

    public void insertShingleSets(Vector<ShingleSet> shingleSets)
        String sql = "INSERT  ...

38. insert Java char into MySQL char

I want to insert a Java char into a MySQL char column , but it gives a Data Truncation error. The size of the MySQL char column is 1 , and the ...

39. How to return key after insert using MyBatis when the id/uuid as is stored as binary?

we currently have triggers in our database that hand out uuid for every record that i insert. When i am inserting records with mybatis i would like to get that uuid ...

40. Insert into MySql Database using JAVA dynamically

I am trying to insert into mysql database dynamically. But I always see only current record in the database.. It is not appending into the particular column one after one another.. ...

41. how to insert word by word in database

I'm having problems inserting data into a database after a tokenization process. I want to insert one by one word into database. I am using tokenization process to split the sentences. ...

42. JDBC - INSERT and return generated id, or if DUPLICATE KEY return old id

The title is pretty clear... I want to be able to add an item to the database, and in case there's already an item with a matching unique column, return that item's ...

43. Fastest way to insert into MySQL in Java

I have a service endpoint that basically inserts some data into mysql. I`m looking for the fastest way to insert a row into mysql. I don`t mind if it is very ...

44. JDBC insert statement don't start triggers and functions on MySQL

I have a Trigger and a Function as given below Trigger:


USE `server`$$

DROP TRIGGER /*!50032 IF EXISTS */ `calcQumilative`$$

    /*!50017 DEFINER = 'root'@'%' */
    TRIGGER `calcQumilative` ...

45. MySQL Insert error?

I am writing a program that tracks sales for a local business. I wrote a method to export a table to a csv file, then right after load that csv file ...

46. Create "INSERT" statements from mySQL database in Java

Does anyone know of any good libraries or scripts out there which will allow me to point to any mySQL table and automatically get a list of all the INSERT statements ...

47. Mysql insert tab entry escape "<" and ">" chars

which result a mysql 1064 error syntax because < and > have been stripped and the value has not been wrapped into quotes. I think netbeans believe it's a value or something like this. Is there a way to tell netbeans don't escape theses chars < and > in the insert tab entry ?

48. MySQL field is autoincrememnt - insert?

I'm writing a record to a table in a MySQL database. The field is set up to autoincrement. How do I handle this? When I write my PreparedStatement, do I include a placeholder? tableName.setInt(1,??? what do I put here? I don't know what this value will be?) Do I have to lock the table, get the highest value, increment by one, ...

49. problem while inserting the record in db using mySQL

Hi all, I am using mySQL DB. I have written a servlet which gets the employee data from a JSP and then inserts that information in table. I have created a database named employee_db. My sql query is: "Insert into employee values (name,id,join_date,designation)" where name,id,join_date,designation these are parameters that i get from the request object.(consider i have successfully extracted the values. ...

50. mySQL insert pukes on me

Here is the code... //inserts text file values into MySQL public void insertMethod() throws IOException { //performs insert try { String insertRow = "INSERT INTO shareholders (vendor_id, vendor_name, invoice_number, date, amount) " + "VALUES ('" + vendorID[12] + "','" + vendorName[12] + "','" + invoiceNumber[12] + "','" + invoiceDate[12] + "','" + amount[12] + "')"; stat = conn.createStatement(); stat.executeUpdate(insertRow); //stat.close(); //conn.close(); ...

51. MySQL will only accept the first 256 inserts?

I have determined that the problem is not with the db. From a jsp page I call a static method in a seperate class that receives an integer. The integers value is 2373. Here is the static method... public void insertMethod(int total) { int i = total; //performs insert if (conn != null) { try { while (count < i) { ...

52. inserting BLOBs into MySQL database

Hi folks, Yes, this has come up before and I have read the posts, but they don't help! I have an image that I wish to load into a BLOB field (called image) on a MySQL database. I have converted my .gif file into a byte array and was planning on loading the field as follows: upd_string = "update sql_file set ...

53. Unable to insert data into mysql

Hi can any one of you tell me why i am unable to insert values into MYsql. I wrote a jsp page where i am trying to insert data through Java bean into Mysql. i am ableprint all fileds in jsp page but in mysql all the columns are Zero. when i try to re enter the same valuse its giving ...

54. problem to insert data - mysql

57. Insert a timestamp into mysql database

Keep in mind NOW() will use the database time, whereas you may want to use the application server time. For example, if they are out of sync, the database could create records that the application server believes are in the future. In general, its better to have your application server administering time since its making all the decisions.

58. Inserting ? into MySQL Problem

59. How to insert to MySql efficiently?

I'm trying to insert data into an empty table. At the end, it will have 60 million+ records. This is the pseudocode of what I do currently: PreparedStatement pstmt = connection.prepareStatement( "INSERT INTO MyTable (colA,colB,colC) VALUES(?,?,?)"); int count = 0; while ( there is data to be inserted ) { count++; if ( count %500000 == 0 ) { pstmt.executeBatch(); pstmt.clearBatch(); ...

60. inserting values from a class to a mysql database

I have a model class call that insert values into a mysql database (myfanclub).I included the mysql-connector-java-5.0.8-bin.jar file into the WEB-INF/lib of my application. When I deployed the app., a form appears that need to be fill,then submit. It sends values to a servlet that forward those values to the model class(see above). I got "Success" in successPage.jsp when the ...

61. Inserting Apostrophes Into MySQL

I am relatively new to JSP and am trying to make a form to insert some articles my friends and I are writing. The problem is when I try to insert an apostrophe into my form it causes an error in my JSP. I have read some things on escape characters and such but I am a little confused. I have ...

62. How to insert the multi lang database into MySQl

Keerthi, In the future, please use [code] tags when posting code - it formats it and makes it easier to read. Also, it's helpful to use the smallest possible example that shows the error rather than all your code. The above post is 9 screens on my machine. That's a lot to read. I'm sure you can illustrate the problem in ...

63. mysql :: I loose decimal places when i insert.

MySQL docs mention "MySQL performs rounding when storing values" and I suspect this is the issue here. I duplicated your issue but changed the storage type to be FLOAT: CREATE TABLE test (val, FLOAT);and the retrieved value did not matched the test value you provided. My suggestion, for what it's worth, is use DECIMAL. I tried the same original test with: ...

66. Inserting XML to mysql

HI! my code, gets xml files and needs to insert the data into the database. is there a difference if i use load xml or simply insert statements? as well, how do i use load xml (i have just heard about it, but couldn't find a proper example except for the docs which was not clear)!

67. javamail + mysql = wrong insertion of an apostrophe

Hi, I'm using javamail API to download emails from an email inbox. ONce downloaded, my app inserts the message field from the email to a table in mysql. This message is a simple text. There are no email signatures nor attachements. The message is inserted completely to the table, but it also inserts an apostrophe with the message. Has anyone seen ...

68. insert chinese language to mysql db

69. java.lang.NullPointerException in MySQL INSERT

public int GroupInsertSQL(int totalPrice){ try{ Statement statement = connection.createStatement(); i = statement.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO group_order VALUES( '" + OrderClass.bookingDate + "', " + "NOW()" + ", " + "'" + totalPrice + "', " + "'" + OrderClass.hireLength +"', " + "'" + OrderClass.numberPeople + "', " + "'" + OrderClass.secondName + ")"); //resultS = statement.executeQuery("SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID()"); }catch(Exception e){System.out.println(e);} return i; } ...

70. Inserting byte[] into MySQL

71. Insert picture in MySQL using Netbeans 5.5

Can anyone help me how to insert a picture in MySQL database by using Netbeans 5.5? I understand that we need to use BLOB as the data type, but how to make MySQL read the location of the picture? As an example, in table cars, I have set the datatype VARCHAR for carid, name, vendor and type. While for pic, I ...

72. Insert data to MySQL when there is new data in the text file

I have one log file, the log file will update its data (alarm type & datetime) when there is alarm. If I would like to write program to monitor the log file every minute, and insert the data to mysql when there is a new data in log file. Any Idea how to use java to write it ? Thanks ! ...

74. insert data in mysql by using procedure

75. MySQL jdbc, cannot insert object

Hi, I am very interested on this but I am afraid I dont understand something clear enough. I can get the column from a ResultSet. I can call to getBinaryStream but how could I write an object to the stream if the method returns an InputStream and not an OutputStream. Can I construct an ObjectOutputStream using an InputStream, and if that ...

76. Reading from Files and inserting into MySql taking very long time

/** * Extracts Words for a single file *

* A file object is reuired * * @param fileName is an object of the type File * @param listLWord is a reference of type Map with string as keys and integr as values. * It would contain LWords when function returns * @return Nothing * @see None * @ throws ...

77. Inserting data into a MySQL database

78. inserting a file into MySQL Blob

Hi All, I am facing problem while inserting a file into the database(mysql) into a Blob field. I have created a text box and an upload button. somehow getting the local file path (f:\kalyan\files\some.doc) into that. clicking on the upload button has to insert that filepath into the database. After successful insertion, I tried to retrieve the filepath. It has no ...

79. inserting a file into MySQL Blob

Hi All, I am facing problem while inserting a file into the database(mysql) into a Blob field. I have created a text box and an upload button whose functionality is to insert the file into the database. somehow getting the local file path (f:\kalyan\files\some.doc) into that. clicking on the upload button has to insert that filepath into the database. After successful ...

80. read text file and insert into MySQL

Dears, I need to read text file and then insert the data in the correct column in the MySQL database example I have the following text file: field1=1234 field2=56789 field3=444555 field1=1333 field2=2222 field3=333555 . . . and so on and so forth ,,note that all rows are identical and just the filed value is changed(there is a dilemeter between fields) how ...

81. Insert picture in MySQL using Netbeans 5.5

Can anyone help me how to insert a picture in MySQL database by using Netbeans 5.5? I understand that we need to use BLOB as the data type, but how to make MySQL read the location of the picture? As an example, in table cars, I have set the datatype VARCHAR for carid, name, vendor and type. While for pic, I ...

82. Inserting question marks(?) into MySQL db when Java saves some special char

Excuse me, but I have a question: how much do you actually know about what you're doing? How could we possibly help you fixing encoding problems if you don't even know what those numbers mean? Encoding: take a number and map a glyph (the graphical representation of something like a letter or digit or symbol) to it. The computer doesn't store ...

83. Speeding up MySQL Inserts

Hi Guys, I'm running my java program on a PC that connects to a nearby (physically) server to do some massive inserts (couple million rows) of site statistics daily. The program is pretty basic, it calls a "insert_stat" stored procedure to insert the necessary stat into the database which is on its own mySQL server. Now, it runs OK. I can ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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