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1. Arraylist as input param for MYSQL stored procedure

Can I pass an arraylist as mysql stored procedure input parameter with JDBC callable statement? If not what is the possible alternative solutions?

2. How can I change my Java program to use a database instead of an arraylist?

In my java program, I had a book class and a library class. The library stores the book object in an array list and then I display it on the screen. I can ...

3. How to store an ArrayList from Java code in MySQL?

which is a better approach a) Store AL as BLOB
b) Create columns to store each of the string that makes the AL. Is there any other approach that I can take?

4. using arraylist inside mysql select statement

I have a login arraylist where i have stored users loginid using following mysql query Code:

query = "select LoginID from issuedeposit id where id.DueDate < CURDATE()";

    result = statement.executeQuery(query);


5. Is it faster to access a java list (arraylist) compared to accessing the same data in a mysql database?

I have the MYSQL database in the local machine where I'm running the java program from. I plan create a array list of all the entries of a particular table. From this ...