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1. MySQL internationalization with DCM4CHEE

I'm attempting to internationalize dcm4chee (a Java based open source medical imaging storage with system) with MySQL, and have a number of questions. Here's what I know so far 1. I need to ...

2. how to convert a varchar to time in java?

i'm copying data from a csv file to my database (mysql) with java. i've a time column where values can be h:mm:ss or - h:mm:ss (the - means that we surpassed ...

3. Getting the exception like "Cannot convert value '0000-00-00 00:00:00' from column 12 to TIMESTAMP"

Previously the column Data type is Date now I am changed to Timestamp Now if I tried to run the program am getting them exception java.sql.SQLException: Cannot convert value '0000-00-00 ...

4. How to convert xml file into mysql?

I have an xml file which was created from a mysql database with just 1 table.
I need to convert this ...

5. Error converting from MySQL to SQLite

It hasn't been too much trouble but there's an error I keep getting from an update from user clicking a button. Originally in MySQL this was an enum('Y','N') value, but as SQLite ...

6. Convert Mysql to Sqlite database

I have a MySql database with different language(English, Hindi, Tamil,...) contents, to convert it into sqlite I have to run this ( Script. When I export the mysql ...

7. Osmosis Error. Converting osm data to msql database

I want to get the osm data and put it in a mysql database but the error indicated below is raised by osmosis. I need the data of an osm file to ...

8. MySQL to Java DB conversion

Hi all, I have a desktop application that I wrote, which uses a MySQL database for the back end. Because of foot print size and ease of distribution I've chosen to ...

10. Converting from Access to MySQL

16. converting MySQL data to JSON