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1. Java function for encrypt/decrypt like Mysql's AES_ENCRYPT and AES_DECRYPT    stackoverflow.com

Is there any way to get the same result as doing in MySQL SELECT AES_ENCRYPT("text", "key") using a Jav function?? And if possible, other function to simulate the AES_DECRYPT. Thanks!

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I have 2 tables employee_master & user_master Employee_id is a foreign key in user_master. I need to encrypt the value of Employee_id while the value is being inserted into user_master table. but the foreign ...

3. mysql encrypt()    coderanch.com

I would suggest using the MD5 function in MySQL to store the passwords. This ensures a standard hash for any 3rd party app that must authenticate to the database somehow. Usage of the MD5 function can be found here When you use the encrypt function, it is using the same thing as the UNIX crypt command which requires a "salt" to ...

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5. Problem in Encryption by using mysql 5.0    forums.oracle.com

6. How to Decrypt a Password encrypted using Encrypt method of Mysql    forums.oracle.com

Not sure if this will help, but it appears from other replies that the encrypt function is a one way hash. That means you can't reverse engineer the passwords. Which is normally fine, since a user with DBA privileges can usually change the password to whatever they want anyway. The advantage of not being able decrypt the passwords is that hackers ...