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1. Pulling data from MySQL into Hadoop    stackoverflow.com

I'm just getting started with learning Hadoop, and I'm wondering the following: suppose I have a bunch of large MySQL production tables that I want to analyze.

  1. It seems like I ...

2. longest matching prefix    stackoverflow.com

In MySQL to match '12684041234' to the longest prefix you would do

SELECT num_prefix
FROM nums
WHERE '12684041234' LIKE CONCAT(num_prefix, '%')
AND LENGTH(num_prefix) = (
    SELECT MAX(LENGTH(num_prefix))
    FROM nums

3. Hadoop and MySQL Integration    stackoverflow.com

We would like to implement Hadoop on our system to improve its performance. The process works like this: Hadoop will gather data from MySQL database then process it. The output will then be exported ...

4. Hadoop mysql limiting the reducers    stackoverflow.com

I'm using hadoop to update some records in a mysql db... The issue that I'm seeing is that in certain cases, multiple reducers are launched for the same key set. I've seen up ...

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I bit confuse with Hadoop hive which i read from Wiki used for make OLAP. Now i want to make OLAP on Hive from OLTP database which use Mysql. How i can solve ...

6. Cannot Run a PIG    stackoverflow.com

After I install Hadoop, then I install Pig. However, I have the following problems: when i try to run a pig, it turns out there are obstacles in its log:

coba@dewi-laptop:/home/dewi/Work2/pig-0.8.0-cdh3u0/bin$ ./pig 
2011-11-23 ...