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1. Which distro of Linux is best suited for Java web apps?

There are so many Linux distributions to choose from! What is the "best" linux flavor for a web hosting environment running primarily: Apache HTTP, Tomcat or JBoss, MySQL and Alfresco (not ...

2. Suggest Web Host for Java in windows environment

Please suggest the good and cheap web host with java language support in windows env. I am familiar with windows,apache tomcat,mysql,java and searching for best deal.

3. App Java and hosting mysql

I have a Java application and I have to connect to a MySQL DB host in If I make a connection, refuses that. How to solve this?

4. How do I find out my MySQL URL, host, port, username and password?

I need to find my MySQL username. When I open the MySQL command line client, it only asks me for my password. I don't remember my username. And for connectivity with ...

5. Looking for free Java hosting

I'm looking for a good free Java web application host any ideas? I need it to be able to have a MySql server and support Servlets and JSP's.

6. Free Java hosting sites with MySQL?

7. mysql host communication

Hi, Is it possible to have a mysql service running in a host x and another mysql service running in a host y and have them to communicate? Say, I have a proc or trigger running in host x, and need to connect to host y so I can insert some data. Is it possible? Thanks.