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1. ibatis check for exist before creating value    stackoverflow.com

I have a property definition table and second one that holds the actual property values:

table propdef: id, name, description 
table props: id, propdefid, userid, value
This way i can dynamically create properties ...

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Hi I have an application which throws "Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException'". Which reduces the performance of the server,the CPU usage was around 95%. I dont ...

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I use iBatis 2.3.4 I have the following query:

<select id="getUserList" resultMap="userListResult">

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Does anyone know if Ibatis accepts Sets as parameter classes? I didn't see any docs on it, but when I did try it failed and told me it was looking for ...

5. MyBatis java and MySql local variables    stackoverflow.com

I'm new to java world. And I have a problem with simple query:

<insert id="create" parameterType="models.entities.CategoryEntity">

    set @catId := (select categoryId from Categories limit 1);

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I'm using the Mybatis migration tool to maintain the schema to our database but I'm having the following problem. Currently, if we use multiple statements in a migration they are each ...

7. iBatis selectKey and transactions    stackoverflow.com

I'm using iBatis with MySQL 5 in my Java app. I have a persistent entity class

public class Entity {
    private int id;
    private Stirng property;

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I am just wondering how I can use a Master/Slave MySQL replication database with MyBatis. JDBC offers a com.mysql.jdbc.ReplicationDriver (see here), but I couldn't find out where I can ...