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1. CLASSPATH issue while accessing Mysql on Linux

I have Mysql installed on my Linux box and wrote a sample program to access one of it's table. I am using 'mysql-connector-java-5.1.10.jar' The code is working fine if i put the ...

2. How to access db in vps

Hi in order to access the db on my vps i have to previosly connect via ssh I have tested this with MySQL WORKBENCH and it works. But Netbeans (working ide) ...

3. Mysql+JDBC+Linux: executeQuery returns empty result set when it shouldn't

I have following code:

public boolean updateDatabase(long houseValue, List<Users> userList)
    boolean result = false;
    Connection conn = null;
    PreparedStatement stmtUpdateUsers = null;

4. MySQL configuration with NetBeans under Linux

Title says it all, I would like to configure the Admin Tools under MySQL register window to start and stop MySQL under Linux, Ubuntu 10.04. I found some information but everything ...

5. How to set classpath variable on Linux OS for MySql database

Hi there, Have very little knowledge in linux. but nevertheless i think you have to set the CLASSPATH variable to the mysql driver jar file for instance on our system we use the mm drivers for mysql and the class path points to mysql_uncomp.jar and the mysql_comp.jar files bye hope this helps

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7. MySQL and Linux

hi folks, i am sure a lot of you should have a lot experiences in configuring and running mysql in Linux. i am having so much of difficulty here. i just installed mysql in linux and now rebooted the machine. now it's so hard to figure out how to start the mysql server. could you please guide me an easy way ...

8. Linux mysql and Jdbc

9. mysql linux

10. jdbc mysql connector linux only?

Originally posted by Chaz Anderson: Hi, I'm in comunication with my webhosting company to try and get them to install the jdbc mysql driver on their tomcat server. I told them to get the driver here they replied "I am afraid that driver is a linux driver and will not work on a windows system. After doing some research it ...

11. MySQL Linux Administration Question

Not sure if this is the proper forum, but I'll start here.... I just installed MySQL 5 in Debian Linux and have a question regarding root access. I followed the installation instructions to a tee and can confirm that the server is running. The one issue that I'm finding is that I can only run the core mysql applications (mysql, mysqlshow, ...