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1. how to access a mySQL enum field with Java ResultSet and PreparedStatement

Quick question what's the correct way to use ResultSet and PreparedStatement to access an ENUM field in MySQL?

2. Unable to get ResultSet from the MySql DataBase

When I execute the following query on a database containing a table "comm_list" and a field "sr_no" of type "Int" in the table "comm_list", I get the correct resultset SELECT MAX(sr_no) FROM ...

3. Where to close a JDBC Connection while I want to return the ResultSet

It seems that the resultSet will be automatically closed when I close the Connection. But I want to return the rs and use it in another method,then I don't know where to ...

4. How to get equivalent of ResultSetMetaData without ResultSet

I need to resolve a bunch of column names to column indexes (so as to use some of the nice ResultSetMetaData methods). However, the only way that I know how to ...

5. Is it faster to use a complicated boolean to limit a ResultSet at the MySQL end or at the Java end?

Lets say I have a really big table filled with lots of data (say, enough not to fit comfortably in memory), and I want to analyze a subset of the rows. Is ...

6. MySQL JDBC ResultSet next method returns null even though there are more results?

I have a Java application that uses a Statement to execute a query that should return about 100,000 records. I iterate over the ResultSet, calling the next method to retrieve each ...

7. Streaming ResultSet Error

I am trying to run multiple MySQL queries which build up on each other: i.e field value of one element in each row is used as input for another query. I end ...

8. How to extract the value from a resulset of two statments that are union

I have a method in dao class called "getDetails". In this method, I union the two select statments from two tables with almost same field called "main shop" & "sub shops" ...

9. Result set can't be executed in java !

I have a null pointer exception in

ResultSet rs = aStatement.executeQuery(Query); // it can't be executed 
my code is like this :
 public static boolean testLogin(String user, String password) throws SQLException ...

10. How to use method after executing result.beforeFirst in java using mysql

I need help on how to scroll back to the next record on the resultset returned by java. I'm using mysql database. Here is the code inside the formshow event. Where I ...

11. im having problem when retrieving a blob from a database using java the result i get is a square

This is the code I use:

package blobdatabase;  

import java.nio.charset.Charset; 
import java.sql.*;  

 * @author Edson Lagamayo  
public class Main { ...

12. How can I get previous item in resultset?

Suppose we have this query:

ResultSet result = ("select * from table_name");
Now we can get information from result in this form
but in this form we can ...

13. Java / MySQL - doing a select on a ResultSet

So I've done a massive select on MySQL and got back a lot of data - which is ordered by index.
For example:

select * from nodes where config_id = 1;  
Gives ...

14. Assigning SELECT COUNT(*) Query Result to a Java Variable

I have been having problems assigning the result of a SELECT COUNT(*) query to a Java variable. I am assigning the result of the query to a ResultSet. Then, I ...

15. Getting java.sql.SQLException: Operation not allowed after ResultSet closed

When I execute the following code, I get an exception. I think it is because I'm preparing in new statement with he same connection object. How should I rewrite this so ...

16. Combine two resultset from different table

My Requirement is to display some of the columns in one table and some of the columns in another table in an html table. Though it has same coloumn id , ...

17. Get several ResultSets from one Connection and one Statement?

I have MySQL tables and I have to execute several queries on them. I created my connection with the DriverManager, initialized my statement (connection.createStatement()), built my query and executed my query: ...

18. java code for copying result set into mysql table

In my java program i want to copy javatable data and copied it in to the mysql table.for that i select one table and select the contents of it then ...

19. Is there a way to avoid wasNull() method?

I have a big ResultSet (getting from a JDBC query) of few thousand rows. Using each of these rows, I have to instantiate an Object, setting fields of it according to ...

20. Updating a large Resultset with JDBC and MySQL

I am trying update a large set of rows (around 5M). I first came across the heap overflow issue of having so many rows fetched in a resultset. Since I don't ...

21. ResultSet assignment throws exception (java/mysql)

I tried to write the following solution for my program: There is a class QueryStatement(String stmt, ResultSet result) where stmt is the Statement-String and result the returned ResultSet. The implementation as it follows:


22. Ramifications for Calling Statement.cancel() on To Forcefully Close Large ResultSet in Java/MySQL

I'm developing a website that will allow registered users to search through anywhere from 10-20 million records, and those records will be cross referenced against a number of in memory caches ...

23. How do I pass the data to a ResultSet from a MySQL Query?

When I run a query it returns the following results

periodEndingDate | TotalMin | TimesheetId |
2007-08-19       |  38.000  |      ...

24. mysql Memory (RAM) usage increases while using ResultSet?

I am using MySQL and Java to SELECT about 50000 records. The strange thing is that when I use ResultSet and next() method to read the data, I see that the RAM ...

25. How to detect empty ResultSet from MySQL?

I am writing a program that connect to MySQL and retrieve data form it. In my program user must enter the name and then it run sql query. But if the ...

26. "ResultSet is from UPDATE: No Data" received from Java application

I am trying to use a Java application (which I do not have the source code for) to output the results of a call to a stored procedure into a text ...

27. Paged retrieval of a large ResultSet

A database query returns a large ResultSet, and I would like to page the result, something like a cursor where I can choose how many results to retrieve and then in ...

28. Pentaho JPivot gives Resultset Overflow Occured

I am using JPivot that ships with Pentaho 3.8.0.stable.45256. Whenever I try to drill down in a JPivot report it gives me Resultset Overflow Occurred. When I second time click on the ...

29. MySql: ResultSet clarification

In populating my database, I have the following field and method: private static final String SQL_SELECT_LAST_KEY = "SELECT last_insert_id() AS lastKey FROM term_ids"; ..... public void insertTerm(Statement stmt) { try{ stmt.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO " + TERM_IDS + " (accession, name, definition, ontology, description) VALUES ('" + accessionValue + "', '" + nameValue + "','" + definitionValue + "','" + ontologyValue + "','" ...

31. JDBC problem with multiple resultsets on mysql database: getUpdateCount() always zero

I'd be grateful for anyones help please :) I have written a java class to execute a MySQL stored procedure that does an UPDATE and then a SELECT. I want to handle the resultset from the SELECT AND get a count of the number of rows updated by the UPDATE. Even though several rows get updated by the stored proc, getUpdateCount() ...

32. Returning/Handling MySQL ResultSet

Hello all, I have two classes which interact with each other. Class A queries a MySQL DB and creates a ResultSet. Class B uses the ResultSet and displays it via GUI. I am looking for the most efficient (fast) way of handling this situation. Currently I obtain a ResultSet from Class A, using Class B. Following this I cycle through the ...

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