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1. Building a jar with MySQL jdbc on solaris

Im building a java application that uses JDBC to connect to MySQL. I have an ant script that compiles my code and then packages it, along with log4j, junit, libshout-java and ...

2. Need help - MySQL + Solaris

3. Mysql JDBC on Solaris.

4. Problem launching MySql under Solaris 8

I have difficulty starting MySql My system is Sun Sparc SunBlade100 running Solaris 8 with W2K inside. I downloaded a MySql package from and successfully pkgadded it to my Solaris system. Each time I run mysql_install_db, I get such error message: # ./mysql_install_db Preparing db table Preparing host table Preparing user table Preparing func table Preparing tables_priv table Preparing columns_priv ...

5. Install MySQL in Sun Solaris