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1. How to call a stored procedure from iReport?

I'm trying to call a stored procedure that receives a parameter from the iReport plugin wizard of Netbeans 6.1, how can I successfully accomplish this task? Other technical details are: ...

2. Help needed in java stored procedure with OUT parameter for MYSQL

I want to create a java program for connection with mysql database I want to use stored procedure with 1 out parameter and 1 in parameter How to retrieve result using java Is there ...

3. mysql java cant execute stored procedure

I am connecting to a mysql(5.08) db running on a linux machine from a web application running in tomcat. I get the following exception..when I try to execute a stored procedure.. com.hp.hpl.chaos.web.exception.DBException: getNextValue ...

4. jdbc program to find the square of a number using callable statement (stored procedure )

import java .sql.*;
class Pro
public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception
String url = "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test";
Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection (url,"root","password");
CallableStatement cst=conn.prepareCall("{call fileproc(?,?)}");
int i=cst.getInt(2);
System.out.println("the number is :" +i);

5. Invoking and executing stored procedure

In MySQL I have a table with name, address, telephone, age and charge column. Assume I have written a stored procedure called calculate_monthly_charges. This stored procedure takes no parameters. How can I ...

6. Fast way to execute MySQL stored procedures in Java within multiple threads?

What is the fastest option to issue stored procedures in a threaded environment in Java? According to Connection.prepareCall() is an expensive method. So what's the alternative to calling ...

7. Build Library Management System only using MySQL Stored Procedure with Java

I am thinking to use only Stored Procedures while devolping Library Management System in Java with MySql. But Some Atricles shows that only using Stored Procedures is an expensive method, due ...

8. stored procedures executed through jdbc

I've created some stored procedures on a mysql database, but when I try to execute them I get:

User does not have access to metadata required to determine stored procedure parameter ...

9. create stored procedure on MySql

10. Calling MySQL Stored Procedure

This is quite wrong place to ask this question, but can't find a better place to ask. If anyone can give me the answer or give me a link to a place where I can ask this question, that will be greatly appreciated. I spent about an hour in google trying to find the answer but no luck. how do I ...

11. MySQL 5.0 and stored procedures..

Hi, Have anyone tried using stored procedure in mysql 5.0?. I am quite familiar in using stored procedure with MS sql server, but somehow i am always getting "check your syntax error" in mysql 5.0 while trying stored procedure. If you some good links that you have tried already, please let me know. Cheers Balaji

12. how to generate the DML script using stored procedure with mysql using jdbc

Sudhakar, This question is a bit high level. What in particular are you having a problem with? Creating a SQL statement to find what tables you have? Creating a stored procedure? Outputting a line of code? You might have more luck either posting a concrete question or what you have so far.

13. mysql cursor in stored procedure

Hi I have created a stored procedure which returns few records depend on IN parameter pass to it. Using those records I want to select some data from another table. My problem is this stored proceduer doesnt compile and gives syntax error on line no. 11. Which is -- "DECLARE user_cursor CURSOR ". complete error is: You have an error in ...

14. how to create MySql stored procedure?

mysql> delimiter // mysql> CREATE PROCEDURE simpleproc (OUT param1 INT) -> BEGIN -> SELECT COUNT(*) INTO param1 FROM t; -> END; -> // Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec) mysql> delimiter ; mysql> CALL simpleproc(@a); Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec) mysql> SELECT @a; +------+ | @a | +------+ | 3 | +------+ 1 row in set (0.00 sec) ...

15. Debug mySql stored procedure

16. problem with calling MySQL stored procedures from java program

I have created a stored procedure that returns the results from a table depending on the parameters passed. Its generates the SQL dynamically depending on the parameter values passed and then executes and have a DAO framework to support this. The problem is I want to execute the SP by passing the parameters by the names but not by the position. ...

17. Stored Procedure in MySql 5.0

Hello, I want to create a stored procedure in Mysql5.0 that want to return a ResultSet(that is a select statemet returining multiple values).How can I write this.Can any body provide a sample code to me. I want to read that Result set values in my java code.Please provide that code also. Bipin.V