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Man, this character encoding hole just keeps on getting deeper. Sigh. Ok. Check this out: I have a java String that contains the unicode character U+9996 (that's what I get if ...

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I'm writing web-app using MySQL version 5.1.45, Tomcat 5.5.28 and Hibernate 3 When I'm trying to save string that contains non-latin characters (for example ??????) error occurs:

1589 [main] WARN org.hibernate.util.JDBCExceptionReporter - SQL ...

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Hey Friends
How we can add unicode Text in MySQL using JAVA and reading it using JAVA

4. Encoding problems in Mysql database    stackoverflow.com

I have a table in a Mysql 5.1 schema. Statement for create this table is:

CREATE TABLE `prova` (

  `id` varchar(150) NOT NULL,
  `name` varchar(150) DEFAULT NULL,

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HI All, When I execute sql query contains chines character, the query is executed successfully. When I open the mysql query browser i could see only ???? instead of chines texts. If ...

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I have some ISO-8859-1 text that I have tried to convert to UTF-8 but end up with some characters that are not mapped correctly. I have been using plethora of standard built-in ...

7. Java Updatable Resultset Anomaly with UTF-8 data in English Windows    stackoverflow.com

I am facing a weird problem. I am getting exception when I try to update or delete row in updatable resultset which contains non-english utf-characters. However insert goes fine.

java.sql.SQLException: refreshRow() called ...

8. mysql jdbc incorrect string value    stackoverflow.com

I am executing this query

insert into tbl (name) values('Î');
When I execute this query from my application with jdbc then I get following error
Incorrect string value: '\xEF'
If I execute same query ...

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Has anyone had any experience with converting and/or storing different charsets with mysql or a database that does not support unicode? I am just wondering what the best way to store it is. One way it to conver to unicode and store, but since mysql can't do unicode, will that break it? So in that case is it better to store ...

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Hi members, need your suggestions regarding a weird problem. I have a standalone java utility which is used parse xmls containing english and hindi text and store the data in MySQL. I can see data stored as hindi in the MySQL database. the data is correctly stored in the database. All character sets and collations seem to be set correct. Character ...