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Does anyone have examples of how to use DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO package with JBOSS? We have a various applications which run within JBOSS and share db pools. I would like, at ...

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I want to know about Which language is best for long term career and How? Which language should I choose among Java and .NET Platform or Should I choose Oracle like DBMS ...

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package Oracle DBMS_METADATA contain Object Type Constants

I want program in java using this constants and want avoid code ...

4. Print Oracle DBMS_OUTPUT in Java, HOW? Help Please!    coderanch.com

Hello, I have a stored procedure/trigger in oracle that does something like: dbms_output.put_line("hello world") dbms_output.put_line("bla bla") Now I am using Java/JDBC to access this oracle stored procedure/trigger and want to display the dbms_output ("hello world" "bla bla") etc within the Java GUI. How do i do that? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you. Bo