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1. Error connecting to oracle. Getting an UnsatisfiedLinkError for the method t2cGetCharSet

I am running a series of JUnits using Apache ANT using JDK 1.5. All JUnits that use an Oracle JDBC driver give the UnsatisfiedLinkError shown below. What native library is it looking for ...

2. What is an effective way to track, identify and report every 'error message' raised by your application?

In case management and workflow systems this seems to come up a lot. The need to provide a comprehensive list of each business message in the 'system' and provide its ...

3. JDBC: Oracle Application Server and "The Network Adapter could not establish the connection" error

I am getting the error: "The Network Adapter could not establish the connection" from a web application deployed in Oracle Application Server 10g. The database is local, so there shouldn't ...

4. statement.execute() returns error with Slash at the end of PL/SQL

When executing pl/sql im obtaining an error :

ORA-06550: line 1, column 316: PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "/" The symbol "/" was ignored. 
PLSQL example:
   SQL1   VARCHAR2 ...

5. Oracle: how to avoid "java session state cleared" error when loading a java class?

Whenever I load a java class, I will get this error on my open sessions when I call a member of the class. Is it possible to avoid this?

ORA-29549: class ...

6. PLS-00103 error when comping Oracle stored function

Given the following Java which is loaded into the database using loadjava:

package grassie.example;

public class Example {

    public static String test(){
        return ...

7. Cannot connect to Oracle DB from Java - ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error

This is my first Java application I am creating (using Eclipse IDE) and the second Oracle based app (I'm a .NET/MSSQL guy for years). The first Oracle app I wrote in ...

8. Oracle error "No more data to read from socket" When Using jdbc:oracle:thin

I have an Oracle error No more data to read from socket. It's a connection using ColdFusion datasource jdbc:oracle:thin how to fix it? Thank you

9. ORA:00600 internal error code arguments:[ttcgcshmd-1] [0][0][0]

I am trying to fetch data from a category table through JDBC code its giving me the error ORA:00600 internal error code arguments:[ttcgcshmd-1] [0][0][0]... I Google it and found it may be DB ...

10. Error while conecting Oracle using JDBC

I am trying to connect to Oracle DB using JDBC. I have put ojdbc.jar in classpath.

ORA-01034: ORACLE not available ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist IBM AIX RISC System/6000 

11. WARNING: Error while registering Oracle JDBC Diagnosability MBean

We are getting the following error when using Oracle 11g ojdbc6.jar:

WARNING: Error while registering Oracle JDBC Diagnosability MBean. java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:;Z)V ...

12. Oracle connection error

java.sql.SQLException: Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException(
I am getting this error when data in database is increased (nearly 3000). It works ...

13. sqlj runtime error

Could somebody tell me what is causing this error when using sqlj in Oracle 11g. I am using Solaris 8 and I have tried changing JDK versions (tried both 1.5 and ...

15. ORA-04043 Error when oracle type is declared in a package

Possible Duplicate:
java - passing array in oracle stored procedure
We have a package defining a type and a procedure which uses that type. The problem ...

16. Fatal NI connect error 12170

I have a java application with jdbc connection, and it's no problem testing on my local Windows machine. While running on the AIX database server(app and db on the same server and ...

17. Oracle error messages

I'm curious about something... is it possible for an Oracle 11 instance to be configured so that it does not return any ORA-?????? error messages? I've issued many invalid queries ...

18. sqldeveloper error message: Network adapter could not establish the connection error

I had made connection to the remote oracle database through sqldeveloper on my system. Suddenly the power went down and I had to restart the system. Now, when I am trying ...

19. JDBC Lotus-Oracle error: Java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index out of range: -1

I am using jdbc to connect to an Oracle 10g database. Building the connection in Eclipse/Java works fine. However when I move the code to a Lotus 8.5.2 agent I end ...

20. Intermittent JDBC error two-task conversion routine

I am intermittently getting the following jdbc error with my oracle db (in remote linux machine)

java.sql.SQLException: ORA-03120: two-task conversion routine: integer overflow
The query that mostly breaks(not the only one!) looks like ...

21. Error connecting to Oracle DB from Java

Could someone please help me on why i received the below error while trying to connect to Oracle db from java.... I had mentioned the cennection call as below: i receive the below ...

22. Oracle: numeric or value error

I am calling a function from my java code and i am getting this exception. I have checked all the data types and everything else I can think of but I ...

23. error in Oracle:

I am getting ORA-01041 internal error HOSTDEF extension does not exit. Cause: The pointer to the HOSTDEF is null. when I first started Oracle 8.0 it ask me for the username, password and hostname. I know that there are some comman username, password and hostname. I uses system, manager and no host name (because I don't know what to enter in ...

24. (Un)common error with Oracle?

Hi, Remove all the spaces before the callable statement and yur problem would be solved. I had a similar problem with the following statement: String greaterAreaQuery = " {CALL ? := MTG_GREATER_CITIES_FUNC(?)}"; when i removed the space between " and CALL, it was solved. Hope the same works for you also. regards, sonal

25. oracle error

26. JDBC Oracle connection error

Hi all I was trying to connect to my oracle database with Type 4 driver....also added in my class path then ran the following java script to check my connection it gave me the following error Testing: jdbc:oracle:thin:somelogin/ An exception occurred while connecting and performing our test query. Refused:ROR=>>> I can't figure out the reason...can someone help me Thanks Kris ...

27. Oracle Error ORA-00900

post your java code, so we can have a look at the actual statement. Maybe there is some spacing issues or something else that we might be able to see from the actual code. for your specific error message, this is what oracle says: ORA-00900 invalid SQL statement Cause: The statement is not recognized as a valid SQL statement. This error ...

28. Oracle JDBC error

Hi, I am getting the following error when I try to connect through source code, But query works fine when executed through SQLPLUS. Here is my code void query(String check) { ResultSet rs,rs1; try { Statement stat = connection.createStatement(); rs = stat.executeQuery(check); while ( { String s = rs.getString("status"); System.out.println(" the output of check before update ie status is " + ...

29. Index Error (Oracle)

Hello all, I've done a small application to migrate data from an Oracle Database to another Oracle Database. The problem is that after 700.000 rows read and inserted, I get a ORA-01654 error. java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01654: unable to extend index MYSCHEMA.PK_MKIMNOTIFICATION by 2397 in tablespace MYSCHEMA I understand from Google groups that I have to add a Datafile to to my tablespace. ...

30. passing array of objects from oracle stored procedure to java ...Error

Hi , i have written a oracle procedure and a java file. my oracle procedure returns an array to java. but while collecting the array in java it says "java.sql.SQLException: Fail to construct descriptor: Unable to resolve type: "SVM_220.t_id" " please have a look at the code below . please help me out in solving this problem. Thanks and Regards, Srikanth ...

31. Oracle Number(x,y) setBigDecimal error

32. Oracle Driver error

33. Error while connecting Oracle with Java

34. Getting Invalid Package Error while connecting to Oracle

It is definitely a classpath issue. You say you "converted" the ZIP to a JAR file. Did you simply rename it (which is the correct thing to do), or did you do something else? If you did something else, you might want to open the JAR file and make sure the classes and paths (packages) are OK. If everything in the ...

35. oracle connection error

36. Table mutating error in Oracle

Good Morning world, Ok, I have to write an Oracle trigger in which I need to do a Select on the table a new record is being added to. I need to get the max value of a column and compare it with the value for that column for the new record. But running it gives a table mutating error, which ...

37. error in Oracle function

Hi, I'm trying to use a stored procedure-a function which cud accept the array of longs and return me the resultSet. After doing a lot of investigation on the web-i can successfully pass the array but while executing the code via SQL*Plus or Java/JDBC i m keep on getting this error: SQL> create or replace type NUM_ARRAY as table of number; ...

38. oracle thin driver conection error

Hello, The code you received 12514 is an ORA message. It means that the servicename given in the connect descriptor is not known by the TNS listener. Verify you entered the right name in the connect descriptor. Also check that that name exists in your tnsnames.ora Lars [ August 18, 2005: Message edited by: Lars Vonk ]


hi, i am unable to get the data contents in to ResultSet when i use query like "select * from where condition" but if the same i query like "select sysdate from dual" it is executing Correctly do not know why? pls. can any one give me solutions my spec. are as follows: 1. Connecting from Oracle 8.1.7 to Oracle ...

40. Oracle 10g JDBC Error

I too have the same problem, we upgraded our database to Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release i tried with oracle 9i and 10g both ojdbc14.jar file and nothing helps. i am using a stmt.registerOutParameter(1, OracleTypes.CURSOR); to get an output as a cursor. BTW i am using weblogic 8.1 Any help on this

41. login error using WSAD5.1 & Oracle

hi, i just set up the WSAD5.1 for the first time. i'm having a problem log into our application. i can see the login page, but after enter the user name and password, i got an error 500. i thought it might be the Datasource setup, but i checked many times they look find to me. somebody help, please! [7/26/06 16:01:54:109 ...

42. error while connecting with oracle 9

43. this is jdbc error not oracle error

sir this is my jsp code this page give me right result in my browser when am using work group not internet or local network <%@ page import="java.sql.*,java.util.*" %> <% String url="jdbcracle:thin:@"; Connection con; Statement stmt; ResultSet rs; Class.forName("oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver").newInstance(); con = DriverManager.getConnection(url,"muhammad","mfa786"); stmt=con.createStatement(); %> <% %>

45. oracle package not found error

Hi Jesper, Thanks its running. Actually, it was running through java -classpath .;classes12.jar dbAccess i am getting class not found error in when i use ojdbc14.jar but it compiled when i used ojdbc14.jar why it is so? Is there any problem ? I also want to know like I got code run in this way but in real life I have ...

46. JDBC - Connection Refused Error. Connecting (trying) to Oracle DB.

warning: greenhorn = me. I am getting the following error message in my log file whenever I run my Java app which makes connections to an Oracle DB: SQLException: Io exception: Connection refused (DESCRIPTION=(ERR=1153)(VSNNUM=169869568)(ERROR_STACK=(ERROR=(CODE=1153)(EMFI=4) (ARGS='(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=192.168.###.###)(PORT=1521))) (CONNECT_DATA=(CID=(PROGRAM=)(HOST=__jdbc__)(USER=))null))'))(ERROR=(CODE=303)(EMFI=1)))) I am sure the HOST is correct. I have also tried using the server name. Using google fu, I've found references to needing to use ...

47. Unknown Source error when trying to use jdbc to connect to Oracle database

Hi, I'm new in Java, and I'm trying to write a Java application connecting to Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition Release database. I download on Oracle site and I use it in my Java classpath.Here's my code: import java.sql.*; public class ClasseDb2 { public ClasseDb2() { } public static void main( String [] args) throws SQLException { try { DriverManager.registerDriver ...

48. Hi, I'm intrying to upload a file into an ORACLE Database, but I got strange errors

Hi, my code is working fine until the last executeUpdate. I'm trying to upload a file into the Oracle Database. public MyFile addFile(MyFile f, FormFile data) throws Exception { OracleConnection conn = null; PreparedStatement pstmt = null; String query = "INSERT into MY_FILE(SIZE, MIME_TYPE, NAME, FK_ID, FILE) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?,empty_blob())"; try { conn = (OracleConnection)this.getConnexionBD(); pstmt = conn.prepareStatement (query); ...

49. error while entering the data into oracle database

My code is: import java.sql.*; import*; public class Oracle1 { public static void main(String[] args) { try{ Class.forName("oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"); Connection c=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:xe","system","oracle"); String t1="lalu"; int t2=501; Statement s=c.createStatement(); s.executeUpdate("create table kbc(name varchar(20),salary number)"); s.close(); //taking the data from user and passing it to database via PreparedStatement & its setString() , setInt() method PreparedStatement ps=c.prepareStatement("insert into kbc values(?,?)"); ps.setString(1,t1); ps.setInt(2,t2); ps.executeUpdate(); ps.close(); //to ...

51. Oracle fatal error recovery with OracleConnectionCacheManager

Hi all, I am using an instance of OracleConnectionCacheManager to connect to an Oracle database. Everything is working fine ; the only problem I have is that when the database goes down (for some reasons...) for few minutes, I have to restart the JAVA application because the connection pool is not reinitialized automatically. Does someone have a clue about the solution ...

52. insert to in ORACLE db with JAVA - NULL strange error

Hi my english isnt very good, but i try I have the next code: .... String queryString = new String( "INSERT INTO aplicaciones(Cod_aplicacion, Titulo, Descripcion, " + "Siglas, URL_externo, URL_interno, Severidad_log_min," + "Severidad_log_max, Severidad_mensajes_min," + "Severidad_mensajes_max, Notificar_error, Lista_correos, Activa)" + "values (null,'"+ aLocal.getAplicacionValor() + "','" + aLocal.getDescripcionValor() + "','" + aLocal.getSiglasValor() + "','" + aLocal.getUrlExternoValor() + "','" + aLocal.getUrlInternoValor() + "'," ...

53. Error euro sign on oracle database

Hello: I have a problem with oracle database, I need to insert records from us7ascii to W8MSWIN1252 database. I make a java program for this operation but euro sign is coverted to other and i can't see ok. I have tried to covert from unicode to java string etc and it doesn't work fine. Do i need special convert for this ...

54. Error creating a new database in Oracle 10g

probably your oracle database user does not have the correct privileges for creating a database. most DBA will create a user account to access the schema, such as the application, separate from the administrative user that is required for creating databases. In some cases the application's user account is even restricted from creating or dropping tables. Maybe contact your DBA and ...

55. error while loading oracle 9i in myeclipse

ORA-12505: TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor Cause: The listener received a request to establish a connection to a database or other service. The connect descriptor received by the listener specified a SID for an instance (usually a database instance) that either has not yet dynamically registered with the listener or has not been statically configured ...

56. I am getting a cannot find symbol error on this code from Oracle Java tutorial site

public class EnumTest { Day day; public EnumTest(Day day) { = day; } public void tellItLikeItIs() { switch (day) { case MONDAY: System.out.println("Mondays are bad."); break; case FRIDAY: System.out.println("Fridays are better."); break; case SATURDAY: case SUNDAY: System.out.println("Weekends are best."); break; default: System.out.println("Midweek days are so-so."); break; } } public static void main(String[] args) { EnumTest firstDay = new EnumTest(Day.MONDAY); firstDay.tellItLikeItIs(); ...

57. How to display Oracle error in web page

Hi , I am developing an application in Weblogic 10.2 and java . The data is fetched in oracle and i storre it in vector and display the same in the webpage .Whenever an oracle error or exception occurs , i need that ORA message to be displayed on the page , instead i get the error from Weblogic server being ...

58. oracle error : missing expression

Hi paulaeunice, For paymenttransdate,paymenttransdate,rdocode fields you didnt mentioned any references,as u aliased the table names you sholud refer only by aliased names fro ex (X.paymenttransdate,X.paymenttransdate,X.rdocode ). if startdate and endate datatypes are of date type then you should write X.paymenttransdate > 'X.startdate' and X.paymenttransdate < '. X is the alias name for table. Are you trying to execute the sql statement ...

59. 2499 error while executing a Oracle PL/SQL query

Hi, Im a newbie, using Oracle 10g enterprise edition, netbeans 6.5. Im unable to execute a SELECT query which contains multiple JOINS & UNIONS(lengthening upto 3800 chars) through code hence It flashes SP2-0027: Input is too long (> 2499 characters) - line ignored. Earlier i had same problem while executing the query on the web interfaced query browser(isqlplus), sqlplus prompt. Later ...

60. Error in reading sp(Oracle 9i) from java.

61. error in web application witch oracle 8.1.6

// Step 4. Use the same Statement object to obtain a ResultSet object String sql = "select * from consul_ttfile where rownum <5"; ResultSet rs = s.executeQuery(sql); while ( { out.println(rs.getString(1)+ "
"); } rs.close(); s.close(); con.close(); } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) { // JDBC driver class not found, print error message to the console out.println(e.toString()); //e.printStackTrace(); } catch (SQLException e2) { // ...

63. Error in request oracle

Hello I have a oracle database, and I have using netbeans to do a request to DB my sintax is the following: import java.sql.*; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.DriverManager; import java.sql.SQLException; public class Main { static String userName = "consul"; static String password = "consul"; public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception { Connection conn = null; try { //String url ...

64. Oracle fatal error recovery with OracleConnectionCacheManager

Hi all, I am using an instance of OracleConnectionCacheManager to connect to an Oracle database. Everything is working fine when the database is ok ; the only problem I have is that when the database goes down (for some reasons...) for few seconds or few minutes (or more...), I have to restart the JAVA application because the connection pool is not ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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