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1. Invalid Oracle URL specified: OracleDataSource.makeURL    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to connect to a local oracle database but I'm getting this cryptic error message: Invalid Oracle URL specified: OracleDataSource.makeURL. I'm pretty sure this is due to an error with the ...

2. Default Schema in Oracle Connection URL    stackoverflow.com

I'd like to set default database schema in Oracle Connection URL

My sample SQL statement:
select monkey_name from animals.monkey
I need to query database without schema prefix anymals. i.e. when I run this statement
select ...

3. JDBC URL for Oracle XA client    stackoverflow.com

Using the JDBC driver oracle.jdbc.xa.client.OracleXADataSource, what is the correct format of the JDBC URL? The thin format of

does not work. WebSphere is reporting that the given url (which is ...

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I am trying to call a servlet from an Oracle DB and for that I am using a java 1.4 class with an URL call on this form http://ip:80/serv/Servletg?parameter with url ...

5. how to you find out the database's url?    stackoverflow.com

How do you find out the url and port for an oracle db? example

"jdbc:oracle:thin:@host:port:dbName","userName", "password");
edit: is there an sql command or log/configuration file i can look at

6. Username & Password in JDBC Connection URL    stackoverflow.com

I was using a SQuirrel SQL Client to connect & browse my oracle database servers. I have given the credentials in the connection URL itself. But it still prompts for the ...

7. How should I write JDBC url for Oracle with LDAP and two LDAP servers?    stackoverflow.com

I have an Oracle database with LDAP, and can connect by writing smth like:

But this is not failover (we have another server with Oracle LDAP - oid1.wow.com:666) How can I use both ...

8. What is correct JDBC URL syntax if Oracle wallets are used?    stackoverflow.com

There are 2 URL syntax, old syntax which will only work with SID and the new one with Oracle service name.
Old syntax

New syntax
What is correct JDBC URL ...

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Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:53 am Post subject: Invalid Oracle URL specified Hi, I have spent 2 days trying to get this working. Going round in circles. ...

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13. Invalid oracle URL    coderanch.com

Hi Jan, I have given the wrong database name as CRM2 and now I corrected it as "Srm". the command "tnsping Srm" works and displays attempting to contact >>>> ok <20 msec> But from my java application there is no connection established and also no error. ...

14. Passing user and password in Oracle RAC url    coderanch.com

Unfortunately, this is not a programmatic call. I'm trying to configure Tomcat 5.5 to use an Oracle RAC database for session replication and the configuration tags provide only one attribute on the tag. That attribute is connectionURL. I need to be able to specify everything about that database in that one URL. I know I can specify the ...

15. Parameters on Oracle JDBC URL    coderanch.com

I wonder if anyone can help. I am writing a class which uses a JDBC PreparedStatement object to call a stored procedure on an Oracle database. To create the PreparedStatement object I use the prepareStatement method of the Connection object. I do not create the Connection object - this is important - it is passed into my method by another piece ...

16. JDBC URL for Two Oracle Nodes    forums.oracle.com

You'd have to write code to handle that. Of course any data you write to either node would automatically make the data the other node contains outdated, so when the node you're using goes down all data your client application is working with is immediately invalid and needs to be reloaded from the server (hoping something similar exists there). Not a ...