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1. open source alternatives to oracle coherence?

Are there any open source alternatives to oracle coherence? (btw, how much does coherence cost anyways?)

2. Distributed Cache with Serialized File as DataStore in Oracle Coherence

Weired but I am investigating the Oracle Coherence as a substitue for distribute cache. My primarr problem is that we dont have distribituted cache as such as of now in our ...

3. Oracle Coherence - Data change not reflected in cache

I am using Oracle Coherence cache with Java and am running into an issue. When I put something in the cache (like a map) and get it back using a get ...

4. How do i connect to multiple Oracle Coherence cache's from a single application?

I have an application(written in CSharp) which currently connects to just one coherence cluster. This cluster is fed in data and when the application see's this in the cluster's cache it ...

5. Coherence. Aggregate entries from concrete cache partition

I use oracle coherence and I want to aggregate all entries from concrete cache partition. And I wrote next code:

class MyAggregator implements EntryAggregator{

    public Object aggregate(Set setEntries){

6. JAVA and Oracle Coherence

7. Benchmarking Oracle Coherence